Indigenous fashion label Clothing The Gaps has until the end of the month to sell their classic merch

Indigenous fashion label Clothing The Gaps has until the end of the month to sell their classic merch

Time to get shopping!

Well-loved Aboriginal-owned and operated business Clothing the Gap has been forced to rebrand after a two-year legal battle with US clothing giant, GAP.

The key takeaways

  • Aboriginal streetwear brand Clothing The Gap has rebranded following a two-year trademark dispute with international clothing giant Gap.
  • The Melbourne business will be renamed Clothing The Gaps
  • Clothing The Gaps now has until the end of July to sell all of its ‘OG’ merch, bearing the original branding

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The Melbourne brand have now rebranded to Clothing the Gaps, after attempting to trademark ‘Clothing The Gap’ in 2019 and being challenged by Gap about the use of ‘gap’ in its name.

As such, they have until midnight on July 31 to sell all their original merchandise containing the old branding.

While it’s incredibly disheartening for the local fashion label – one that is managed by health care professionals that celebrates Aboriginal people and culture – the brand has embraced their new era and are moving forwards with their brand.

Clothing The Gap’s co-founder and managing director, Gunditjmara woman Laura Thompson telling the ABC she feels adding the ‘s’ to the name is in line with the brand’s ethos, as it seeks to fill more than just one gap within Aboriginal communities in Australia.

“We were Clothing The Gap before and now we’re Clothing The Gaps. We’re targeting more than one gap in the community,” she explained.

Founded by Laura and Gunditjmari woman Sarah Sheridan, who is non-Indigenous, Clothing The Gap was born out of Aboriginal health promotion business Spark Health. It was always intended to give First Nations people a voice and an online space to occupy, while also educating non-Indigenous folks and inspiring conversation.

All its stock containing the old branding is listed under a page called ‘OG Collection‘ on its website, so if you’ve been thinking about purchasing something and putting your money behind all the great work the brand does, this is your last chance to get your hands on an original Clothing The Gap item.

To view Clothing The Gaps full range, head here.