In Town & Country we trust

In Town & Country we trust

Everybody loves Italian food, there’s no doubt about it. Whether its dinner, lunch or even the odd cheeky leftovers for breakfast, there’s no going past a delicious cheesy pizza or a creamy gnocchi.

It’s honestly making me drool a little just writing about it.

But the cuisine’s popularity is a blessing and a curse. There are so many options to choose from with every man and his dog out there peddling pizza, it’s a nightmare trying to figure out where to go when all of a sudden your tummy’s a-rumbling and demands its cheesy garlic-y sacrifice.

You’re not vibing your cheap n’ nasty that’s been sitting in the back of the freezer for at least a month for that rainy, desperate day – but no no, today is not that day. However, you’re not super into dishing out $100 for a teeny tiny margarita no matter HOW delicious and authentic that cheese looks with that quaint little fresh basil leaf on top, no sir.

So, where do we go from here?

Enter Town and Country Pizza, the neato Italian chain that has somehow managed to maintain is authentic home-y vibe despite its size.

The range is huge with a little something for everybody including traditional and gourmet pizzas which at their largest ‘King’ size come up to $32 max.

The pastas and risottos are also nonna-level forces to be reckoned with, covering everything from your tomato-y lasagne fantasy to a creamy pesto chicken dream.

Having been around for over 25 years, these folks definitely know what they’re doing in the kitchen with some of the long-running favourites including the classic garlic and cheese pizza, a creamy carbonara our fave eggy Aussie and the country special pizza that comes with a mountain of toppings for those who like a big bang for their buck. Not bad, T&C. Not bad at all.

But what is even better is the friendly family-vibe service you can expect should you ever feel like taking that pizza away from the Netflix & couch and remembering what the outside world is like.

Priding itself on their passionate commitment to excellent customer service operating as one large family catering to the locals, Town and Country is a safe space to get re-acquainted with reality and really, really good pizza.

Walk into one of several locations around Geelong including Central Geelong, Waurn Ponds, Leopold, Lara, Armstrong Creek and Torquay or visit online at

Written by Jess Sercombe