In this strange time, Acoustic Foxx shares a song that reminds us we aren’t alone

In this strange time, Acoustic Foxx shares a song that reminds us we aren’t alone


An acoustic guitar, a harmonica and a lot of soul went into making Acoustic Foxx’s latest single ‘This Time’

Acoustic Foxx, otherwise known as Craig Williams, knows his way around a guitar. Having first discovered playing music in grunge-rock bands, to performing as a solo artist in recent years, his music is a unique blend of genres and sensibilities. His latest track demonstrates his musical talent and determination to connect listeners through song.

More than just a confident guitar ballad, ‘This Time’ offers a post-grunge sound and showcases mature lyrics that come straight from experience. A sense of unknowing and loss is at the forefront of this poignant track and it definitely tugs on the heartstrings.

His gripping vocals take listeners on a journey through ups and downs. Lyrics like “Well the tides have turned and I’ve lost my mind,” feel particularly pertinent in today’s climate where we all feel a little lost and uncertain.

“It feels refreshing to release new music especially during this difficult time for everyone. I somewhat always write from a personal perspective, even if I do exaggerate slightly or play around with the story a little. ‘This Time’ was born from a moment of loss and as a result, I was feeling lost. I’d been there before and had learnt how to deal with it better than when I was younger, I’d learnt I’m the only one who can make me feel whole again. Going through the ups and downs and learning how to bounce back and work your way back to being ok again, especially within yourself,” Foxx explains.

Having been forced into isolation like the rest of us, Foxx used the opportunity to write and record with Joshua Whitehead at Crosstown Studios. The result is a polished, sonically intense track that synthesises alternative rock, grunge and folk. Oh, and with a bluesy, yearning harmonica solo for good measure.

“My roots are in rock and grunge, but I’m playing an acoustic guitar so it’s not always so obvious. Previous rock bands I’ve played in influences may have been more obvious, but this acoustic thing opens up the song writing possibilities more.”

Indeed, the possibilities do seem endless for Foxx, who has released two albums to date with a third planned for 2021; toured extensively throughout Victoria and Tasmania, all while running a music-based podcast called Foxx on the Wire where he talks shop with musicians around the world.

“That keeps me busy and still involved in the music industry with no live music happening. I’ve been able to build some really great relationships worldwide with people I’ve spoken with on the podcast.”

Connection, then, is a running thread both within and without of Foxx’s music. His knack for capturing emotional intimacy and undertones in songwriting make him a soothing escape from the world – something he understands first-hand the importance of.

“My whole life I have always been grateful for music as an escape or something to focus on and immerse myself in. There are so many artists and so many songs that bring me comfort, fire me up and help me chill out when I need it. I’ve always wanted my music to be that comfort for the listener and something they can hold onto when they need it.”

While the world seems to be spiralling into chaos, having something to hold onto has never been so important. Acoustic Foxx fearless dive into profound loss, and his triumphant return to the shore, remind us that this time, just like every other hardship, shall pass.

Check out ‘This Time’ below.