In the Garden with Tim Hulsman

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In the Garden with Tim Hulsman

We were pretty chuffed when we got to spend a little time with songman Tim Hulsman recently. The son of a preacher, Tim turned his back on religion at the age of 18. Music became his passion, and the tough journey began. Following the usual kind of music dealings (band breakups and all that jazz), Tim found his calling in acoustic-based music and storytelling. As 2013 broke, the songman found he was brimming with a new energy and new songs. His new album, Dead Man’s Garden, brought him to us. Speaking with our own Tex Miller, Hulsman said: “I think recording in a home studio environment allowed for the album to sound a lot more free and relaxed because there isn’t the pressure of recording in a big professional studio. I was a lot more at ease.” Beav’s Bar, Geelong – July 4.