Imogen Brough

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Imogen Brough

It can occasionally be a rough transition for music reality show contestants to find their feet in the tough music industry, but Imogen Brough has wasted no time in laying the foundations of a strong career after her appearance on The Voice. “It was great. I guess for me I’d just finished a Bachelor of Music performance at Melbourne Uni, so it was the perfect launching pad for me to really kick-start my career as a solo artist,” says Brough. “I loved it, I embraced it and I was really happy with how I went on it.”
Her appearances on the show boosted her profile and fan base immensely, but without the show and without regularly being on the TV, Brough has had to work hard to keep those fans interested.
“It can be hard, but I think we are very lucky to have the power of social media now, where it’s free for anyone to keep people interested,” says Brough. “I feel like I’ve got some really loyal fans; and I have around 20,000 online, which is amazing. I just tease them with little snippets of rehearsals or songs I’m learning and just keeping them happy with little things you’ve been doing along the way, until you release something big and hopefully they are really excited about it.”
Of course, these fans are here for her musical talents, so Brough has worked quickly to get her latest single ‘Heart’ out, saying: “as soon as I got off the show I knew exactly what I needed to do and that was to record a single and start getting some of my original music out.”
Luckily Brough already had original songs ready to go and with the help of fellow Voice contestant and producer Michael Paynter, she reworked ‘Heart’, a song she has been playing for years. “I wrote the first version when I was 16 or 17 and it was probably the catchiest little pop song I had,” explains Brough. “I needed to get something out quickly that I could make mainstream enough to get it on the radio, but still keeping it true to who I am as an artist.”
Geelong will get their first taste of Brough in some time with her single launch at City Quarter on April 4, and being a local there is sure to be plenty of family and friends in the crowd – an exciting yet nerve-racking thought for Brough.
“I haven’t played in Geelong since July last year with a full band, so I’m really excited,” says Brough. “I’ll be extra nervous I think, because I find it harder to play in front of people you know than people you don’t know, and of course I’ll have a lot of friends and family coming along.”
As for the rest of the year, Brough has plenty of things in the works, and even bigger dreams for the rest of her career, saying: “I’d love to get an EP out by Christmas. I’ve already recorded my second single, which I’m keeping very secret, then maybe in a year I’ll start really thinking about an album depending on my situation within the industry.
“I was even thinking today that if I had one big, big goal in the music industry, it would be to feature on a Coldplay song, so that’s where I’m aiming – pretty bloody high,” laughs Brough.
When&Where: City Quarter, Geelong – April 4
Written by Zach Broadhurst