Immigrant Union

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Immigrant Union

Brent DeBoer is currently touring around the country with his psych folk rock outfit Immigrant Union. Promoting their second release Anyway that was recorded in Altona and features the likes of Courtney Barnett (when she was still an active member of the band). As the frontman for this band, DeBoer is playing guitar and things are a little different from when he is behind the drumkit playing with American rock legends, The Dandy Warhols.
“We’ve only played two shows on this tour so far man, but I think that the vibe we have been getting from everyone has been great. It’s been mind numbingly trippy and we have had a lot of fun and everyone that has come out so far has enjoyed themselves as well,” DeBoer says.
It was in a bar in Melbourne in 2004 when DeBoer met Bob Harrow that the idea for Immigrant Union was originally floated. It may seem like a clichéd ‘love at first sight’ kind of deal, however, Harrow and DeBoer were in it for the long run – catching up and song writing when Deboer was in the country. It was a permanent move here in 2010 that saw the band really flourish and things start to take off for them.
“When I moved to Australia, I said to Bob that we should try and make something of this project that we had been working on,” he says.
“We had a bunch of songs together and we decided to make a record and tour on the back of that. It’s been hard work since the beginning and I think we are finally reaping the rewards. We have been through a lot of change recently with Courtney and her rhythm section leaving to do other things, but I feel we are in a good place at the moment.”
When Courtney Barnett released her debut EP I’ve Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris, in which DeBoer played drums, he knew that she really had something special with her own music and that she was destined for the big time.
“ She was in the group for a few years, so when we had the songs ready to make an album, she helped record them. I played drums on her first EP and right from that moment I could tell that she was going to make it as a solo artist. Her touring commitments made it difficult for her to be in the band but we are loving the fit we have with band members now,” DeBoer says.
The band are set to play at Kennedys Creek Music Festival later in the year and DeBoer can’t wait to get up on stage and play tracks from their new album.
“I’ve heard really good things about that festival and I can’t wait to play man. At the moment, we are working on a new record and we might play some new tracks – I don’t know. It’ll be great and you should bring your friends down there so we can have a massive party man. This gig is going to be massive,” he says.
With his workload split between Immigrant Union and The Dandy Warhols, DeBoer is constantly on tour playing all around the world. We can expect a new Dandies record in February or March next year, but until then check out this exceptional psych country outfit.
When & Where: Kennedys Creek Music Festival – October 24 & 25
Written by Tex Miller