If hit TV Shows were set in Regional Victoria, this is where they would be

If hit TV Shows were set in Regional Victoria, this is where they would be

Words by Benjamin Lamb

If only.

Now more than ever, we’ve all been enjoying a lot more TV. With new streaming services regularly entering the market, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the small screen.

Shows like Schitts Creek, Friends and Bridgerton are iconic, and have memorable sets and locations, that will keep the show alive and remembered for a long time.

We’ve had a bit of fun today and re-tooled some our favourite shows and re-imagined them if they took place in Victoria.

Maldon – ‘Bridgerton’

Pretty much everyone’s favourite show of recent times was set in Sunninghill Park House in Ascot, which has a lot about it that can be compared to the regional town of Maldon. With an old-school atmosphere, and early 1900’s architecture still to this day, you’d feel like you were about to come face to face with Lady Danbury.

The 2007 movie Romulus, My Father was filmed in Maldon, which was set around the same time as Bridgerton.

Echuca – ‘Game Of Thrones’

The iconic Westeros can never be replaced, but back home, we have our own Game Of Thrones Kingdom in Echuca. With an average temperature low of 5 degrees during the colder months, Winter is always coming in Echuca.

Echuca is a Yorta-Yorta term meaning ‘meeting of the waters,’ which definitely sounds like something muttered about Westeros.

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Ballarat – ‘The Simpsons’

Victoria’s Springfield counterpart is found in Ballarat, Victoria. It’s a large town, but still with a family and community feel. With old fashioned churches, bars, and shopping spots, it’s everything you need close to home.

All they need is a tyre fire before they can truly take the spot of our favourite cartoon town.

Kyneton – ‘Emily In Paris’

The quirky Netflix comedy-drama turned a lot of heads and gained a lot of attention, but was assuredly loved by many. For Season 2 of the show, Regional Victoria’s Kyneton would make a great spot.

Emily could make her mark on Kyneton’s beautiful parks, award winning wineries, and vintage shops.

Flinders – ‘Schitts Creek’

We all fell in love with the Rose family making their mark in the quiet sleepy town of Schitts Creek. We have our own Schitts Creek in Victoria in the form of Flinders, a quiet town full of antique shops, boutique producers and a bunch of friendly people.

Schitts Creek’s Rosebud Motel and Café Tropical come in the form of Flinders’ super popular spot; Flinders Hotel.

Shepparton – ‘The Good Place’

The quirky representation of heaven in this multi award winning show could’ve easily taken place in Regional Victoria’s ornate Shepparton.

The towns got everything in arms reach, a memorable cinema complex, a popular ten pin bowling, local sports, fishing spots, cycling tracks, and a bunch of awesome skate parks.

Clunes – ‘Wandavision’

The peculiar Marvel show, often called the ‘quirky cousin’ of the Marvel Universe has gotten a lot of press and praise in recent times, it’d make for interesting show if it was set in Victoria. Wandavision was set in the fictional town of Westview, which isn’t too dissimilar to the regional Victorian town of Clunes. It’d make the perfect spot if the show was set in Victoria.

With early style buildings and bistros, and weekly readings at the local bookshop, it feels like you’re living in Wandavision’s sitcom world.

Geelong – ‘Friends’

The mecca of Regional Victoria is assuredly the best home for one of the world’s biggest, and still most popular show, Friends. Geelong is the CBD hub of the outer state, so it works as the perfect alternative for the city that never sleeps.

With a CBD that’s full of modern buildings and quirky cafés that’ll give Central Perk a run for its money, it’s truly our version of New York City.

Woodend – ‘The Walking Dead’

As beautiful and immaculate the regional village is, it’d make the perfect spot for a recreation of The Walking Dead. With dense bushland and old fashioned homes, it’s quite similar to Georgia, where the original show was set.

With The often haunted Hanging Rock a short drive away, it’s the perfect spot to hide during the next zombie attack.

Bendigo – ‘Outlander’

Yet another old-fashioned period drama, Outlander would definitely be right at home set in Bendigo. With old school buildings and homes but with modern shops and spots, it’d be ideal for the constantly decade hopping show.

Panning for gold at Central Deborah Gold Mine would make a great Outlander storyline, too.