ICYMI Victoria’s rules on face masks have changed

ICYMI Victoria’s rules on face masks have changed

Scarves, bandanas and face shields are no longer acceptable.

Late last month metropolitan Melbourne moved to the Second Step of the ‘COVID Normal’ roadmap with the easing of a raft of restrictions that virtually shut down Melbourne due to the deadly second wave. Alongside the announcement, Premier Daniel Andrews also announced a change to the policy surrounding face masks.

From September 28, scarves, bandanas and face shields were no longer considered acceptable face coverings in Victoria, and people were required to wear a fitted face mask that covers the nose and mouth when outside their homes. But the state government gave Victorians a two-week grace period in the case that they didn’t have a fitted mask available at the time.

That grace period if officially over.

As of yesterday, all Victorians must wear a fitted mask when leaving their home, which means the wearing of a scarf, bandana or face shield is now illegal. People are still able to wear a face mask that covers their forehead and sides of their face but it must be worn alongside a fitted mask.

It has been confirmed that a fitted snood, fitted buff or fitted gaiter is allowed, with the emphasis on fitted.

Anyone not wearing a mask when outside the home for a valid reason or with an acceptable exemption is subject to a $200 fine.

Those with a medical condition that affects their breathing or the skin on their face are exempt from wearing a face mask. If police ask you why you are not wearing a face mask, you need to provide this excuse – you do not need a medical certificate.

A person does not need to wear a face mask in the circumstance that a hearing-impaired person needs to see their face to help communicate. Children under the age of 12 do not need to wear a face mask.

For more information on face masks, visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.