Iconic ice cream parlour Sweet Susie’s returns to Geelong’s CBD 

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Iconic ice cream parlour Sweet Susie’s returns to Geelong’s CBD 

Geelong’s longest running ice-cream parlour is back.

Sweet happy days, an old Geelong favourite has returned in Sweet Susie’s.

Most recently known as ‘Lic ice cream parlour’ for the past eight years, the beloved ice cream destination (the space has been home to ice cream since 1971 when it was known as ‘Loves’) has been given a new lease on life after being taken over by the team at Mr Pro Whipp – a well-loved ice cream van that travels around the region selling scoops of absolute joy to anyone fond of an icy treat. So, you immediately know this new output is going to be good.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to become the new owners of Geelong’s longest-running Ice Cream Parlour,” the business shared.

“We are a local Geelong family and like a lot of you, we have many memories of coming into the Parlour when we were kids. Back when it was called Sweet Susie’s.”

The key takeaways

  • Sweet Susie’s has made its way back to Geelong’s CBD
  • Formally Lic, the new ice cream parlour is a new endeavour from Mr Pro Whipp ice cream vans
  • The business is now open, operating every day

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Rebranding the iconic parlour on Yarra Street to one of Geelong’s oldest running ice cream parlours, Sweet Susie’s, the shop harks back to the early days not only with its name but also with its vibrant fit-out, bright enough to melt away the summer heat. Embracing all the retro-vibes we need to see this summer, the shop features old-school red striped aprons and bow-ties, bright pastel coloured walls and shelving (pink, yellow and blue of course), neon signs, brightly coloured cups, old-school music and festoon lighting, plus a whole selection of pick’n’mix lollies!

An exterior makeover is also in the works so expect these retro vibes to flow from the inside out.

As for the ice cream, you’ll find all of the classic flavours, as well as a pristine selection of Italian gelati. Think licorice, chocolate, blood orange, jaffa, banana, choc chip, rainbow, hazelnut, Nutella, Gaytime, plus so much more. You can also get delicious milkshakes, thick shakes or scoop shakes, made from select ice cream flavours on show. Sweet Susie’s even have loyalty cards for the true ice-cream lovers out there that will get you free ice cream from time to time.

If you’re a loyal fan of their ice cream vans, you need not stress. You’ll still find them parked on the waterfront over summer, as well as making surprise visits to our region’s streets.

Sweet Susie’s is located at 31 Yarra Street Geelong and are open every day until late. Find out more here