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While the story goes around that I OH YOU originated out of a need to pay some gas bills, at least the promotion side of the business, the label actually came from the need to help out some friends.
“We just had a bunch of friends that were really struggling to find labels and I think Johann [Ponniah] was helping them out with life and to book gigs,” Scott Armstrong of I OH YOU says.
“He moved to Melbourne the day after year 12 with the idea of what he wanted to do and he basically just formalised something he was doing for a long time. At the time I think it was more out of necessity and things have moved on a little bit from that but I still think at the heart of it’s really just releasing music we love.”
It’s these actions that have been at the heart of what I OH YOU do, and so coming on board for the month-long festival that is Oxjam seemed like a no-brainer for the duo.
“I really do think that throughout the whole story we’ve tried to be involved with little things like this,” he says.
“We throw a lot of parties and I just think there’s something really different about this one. We’re feel very lucky to have even been asked to get involved with this one.
“What Oxjam does really well is it brings a lot people together through the love of music and it gives artists like us the chance to be involved with the gig in a different capacity.”
For their contribution towards the event, the duo have enlisted World’s End Press, Ara Koufax, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Fortunes, Darcy Baylis and Breaking & Entering Djs to all donate their time to the cause.
While it’s about raising money for a good cause, it’s also about putting on a good gig – which I OH YOU are more than capable of – and this event is a line up they’d be happy to craft no matter what the occasion.
“We’re just huge fanboys of everyone that’s on that line up,” Scott adds with a laugh.
“Johann and I first banded over bands like World’s End Press and we first saw them play at places like Meredith and Golden Plains and they’re the ultimate party band for us.”
The end goal, is the hope that the show on August 15 (and all for that matter) will sell out and raise as much money for the cause as possible. And as Scott tells me, Oxfam really know what they’re doing and is a charity he really respects.
“If you think about what Oxfam does you wouldn’t even know half of them because there are so many layers to how they structure their work and the aid and how that’s done,” he says.
“It’s really inspiring and it’s not just about delivering food or shelter it’s so much more than that and that’s why we think it’s so worthwhile.”
To see what gigs are happening in your area visit the website and get along!
When & Where: The Shadow Electric, Melbourne – August 15.
Written by Amanda Sherring