I Know Leopard: Love Is A Landmine

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I Know Leopard: Love Is A Landmine

The debut album ‘Love is a Landmine’ from Sydney quartet I Know Leopard is a dreamy synth-pop journey through the familiar trials of love. This album has a playful synth sound with added grandeur from the occasional addition of piano and violin.

Standout single ‘Heather’ displays the band in all its glittery glory, flaunting an upbeat sound and catchy pop melody. Despite its typically cheerful sound, lead singer Luke O’Loughlin manages to secretly embed each song with deeply emotional lyrics. This dichotomy of pleasure and pain which exists traditionally in matters of the heart is prevalent throughout the album.

The opening song ‘Landmine’ serves as a perfect example of this, delivering the album title lyrics “love is a landmine” over a soft rock-esque sound. When discussing this theme O’Loughlin states “There’s no way of experiencing love without pain”.

True to this statement, ‘Love is a Landmine’ presents the relationship between the glam of I Know Leopard and the trials of romantic pursuit, keeping the band equal parts fantasy and relatable in nature.

Playing the Workers Club in Geelong on Thursday 23rd May this live show will be a combination of glitter and heartbreak that is not to be missed.

Ivy League Records
Reviewed by Jordyn Workman