Huntress Hair Religion: New name, same magic

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Huntress Hair Religion: New name, same magic

Like finding the perfect skin routine, nail colour or (the mother) foundation, finding a hairdresser you love going to is a real test. Especially if you’re starting fresh in a new suburb. There’s no stress here though, because we have found the very best.
Let us introduce you to Huntress Hair Religion.
Formally known as Raw Edge Hairdressing, Huntress is the brainchild of awarded hairstylist and successful salon business coach, Caitlyn Menzel, and has grown to become Geelong’s leading colour specialist salon since its humble beginnings in 2010.
Famous for their beautiful blondes, creative colours and perfect pastels, along with years of astonishing service, Huntress have a passion in making strong, amazing women look like beautiful huntresses. Because of this, the recent name change couldn’t be more perfect for the empowering salon and the work they do.
Designed to be all about the comfort and relaxation of the client, the Huntress team not only deliver five star service to each and every individual, but also provide an exceptional experience from the moment you enter the salon, to the moment you bounce out the door looking and feeling amazing like the god damn beautiful huntress you are!
That’s what we love about Huntress; whether you get creative colour, exceptional styling, foiling, lightening or balayage, they not only focus on making you feel and look amazing but they also give you the tools, the products and the know-how, of how you can recreate that salon-fresh finish at home, in between your appointments. Now you leave the salon with a confidence that doesn’t expire once the product washes out and curls drop the next day.
With a team of fourteen talented humans, the salon is confident in meeting the needs of their clients. With a wealth of experience amongst the team – including hairstyling for New York Fashion Week and editorial shoots – the salon offers a full range of services with ease and professionalism. They embrace all the qualities you want from your hairdresser; fashion-forward, highly trained, experts of our trade and they’re always upskilling, learning new techniques, and bringing them back to clients to achieve hairgoals.
Taking on the ethos of doing things differently and focusing on social responsibility, Huntress was Geelong’s first sustainable salon, with environmentally conscious products that are exclusive to salons, and mostly Australian made. All products in the salon used are cruelty-free and vegan – even the colour – adding another element to the socially conscious space. As a result, the salon has been awarded on a regional and national scale, also receiving the Australian Hairdressing Council’s Gold Accreditation and the only one awarded in the region. They were also the first Green Accredited hair salon in Australia.
Alongside all this (yes there’s more!!), they have VIP memberships available, as well as lay-buys, Zip-pay and SalonPay (like AfterPay for your hair), along with a new style bar on every Friday and Saturday, where people can come in before they go out and get their hair done in blow-waves and up-styles.
It’s clear the Huntress hairdressing team motivate each other to get creative and to become the best in their fields, learning the latest in trends to bringing them to Geelong – just have a look on their socials and you get a feel for the supportive and positive vibe this salon thrives on. The Devil may wear Prada, but if she lived in Geelong, we bet she would leave her fringed-bob in the capable hands of this amazing team.
Not only did the salon complete a complete re-brand, but in doing so, the team have also introduced a barbershop dedicated to the males in their lives. Ensuring that the salon and barbershop stood side by side, they chose a name that reflected this and the empowerment of both men and women.
Enter; Hunter Barbershop.
Located 50 metres down the road from its female counterpart, Hunter Barbershop is dedicated to those with a busy lifestyle and the need for quick hair solutions with walk-in appointments; thus instant gratification (however they do cater to those who prefer a more organised sort of schedule with the option of making an appointment online).
barber shop
With timeless and classic touches to the interior, both children and men are welcomed into a masculine and timeless space. With all the elements and prestige of an old barbershop, the interior boasts class combined with a blend of excellent service and a modern approach of talented stylists who keep up with the trends in men’s grooming and styling.
Here, the team know there are only two things that are truly timeless: great advice, and the appeal of a well-groomed man. So, their experienced barbers will give you a style to bring out your true inner boss man, while you chill out and enjoy a Furphy, Cider or coffee.
The ideal place for a trendy, professional cut and style, at Hunter Barbershop ensures every big and small detail is a fusion made to create a high-end, luxurious atmosphere and experience, but at an affordable price, a price for everyone’s budget. A place where everyone can walk into and feel like royalty, without spending more than planned… what more could you possibly want?
hunter barber
Entrust your locks and prepare to be transformed with Huntress Hair Religion and Hunter Barbershop.
Huntress is located at Shop 6 & 7, 164 High Street, Belmont.
Hunter is located at Shop 2, 152 High Street, Belmont.