Hungry Ghosts at The Potato Shed

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Hungry Ghosts at The Potato Shed

The Potato Shed is proud to present Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Hungry Ghosts on Tuesday May 29, direct from its World Premiere at MTC Headquarters last week.
A plane falls out of the sky. A large sum of money falls into someone’s pocket. A young woman falls in and out of place and home. Hungry Ghosts is a new Australian play by Jean Tong that interlaces the disappearance of flight MH370 with political corruption scandals in Malaysia and one young woman’s fury against injustice and fate. Three of Melbourne’s most exciting young actors – Emina Ashman, Jing-Xuan Chan and Bernard Sam – bring their lived experiences and highly-skilled acting to a story that will resonate with every young person finding their place in the world.
Director Petra Kalive says, “Hungry Ghosts is about finding your place in the world. Jean’s rich and provocative dialogue speaks to anyone who understands what it’s like to feel different, not quite fit in, and question where is home.”
Audiences outside of Melbourne will be able experience the same full-scale production that metropolitan audiences see, complete with all the production elements expertly designed by the creative team.
The performances will be at The Potato Shed on Tuesday May 29 at 1pm and 7pm. Tickets for Hungry Ghosts can be booked at any of the Customer Service Centres around Greater Geelong, or purchased over the phone on 5251 1998.
Photo by Jeff Busby