How to Spend Valentine’s in Geelong

How to Spend Valentine’s in Geelong

Valentine’s is either a great time or a terrible one, and that’s accurate for those in a couple or single. Are we getting presents? Will you be spending the day alone? Is it okay to hang out with my mates instead? There are so many questions, and here at Forte, we’ve got you covered on a few of them.


Von Stache

Hook up with Von Stache

Well, not Von Stache herself, but at the gig. Von Stache will be playing a Valentine’s Eve gig at the Barwon Club alongside Modern Divide, Good for Wednesday and Division Street, but there’s a twist. Punters will wear coloured bracelets depending on their availability, green means go for it, amber means maybe and red is steer clear. What other gig has hooking up ever been so easy?

Have a Laugh

While everyone’s stressing over which teddy bear to purchase last-minute, you’ll be laughing yourself crazy at the Aboriginal Allstars Show at GPAC. Kicking off at 7.30pm it’s an alternative to how Valentine’s day normally pans out. Chances are your possible date would be nowhere near as funny as these guys, save yourself the courtesy laughs and head to the show.

Head to the movies

It may be seen as a couples only outing on Valentine’s Day but plenty of fun can be had from seeing a horror/action film as chances are all the couples will flock to the comedys and dramas. The cinema will pretty much be just for you! Alternatively, head to the loved up sessions and throw popcorn at couples. There’s nothing like being a glum single and ruining seeking joy in someone’s annoyance.


Eat Away Your Sorrows

There are many great things to eat in Geelong, but there are few REAL challenges. If you’re really feeling the romantic holiday and want to take your mind of things, and instead put it on your swollen belly, indulge in a few of these bad boys: The Monster Parmi at the Wharf Shed, one of the many giant burgers at Launch, a spicy burrito at The Cottage or a mega milkshake from the Pickers Union.



Bellarine Estate

Take it easy at Bellarine Estate

Valentine’s Day can be hard. There are SO many elements to factor in for a good time, so why not leave it up to someone else? Bellarine Estate are throwing a little shindig where you can swizzle some wine, listen to Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows and peruse through the produce stalls on offer. Most importantly, you don’t have to lift a finger to ensure it will be a good time.


Eat Some French Food

Nothing says love more than French food, ammiright? While everyone probable goes to Les Parisien as their first option, Bistrot St Jean is where it’s all at. The team know their stuff, it’s true French food and you’ll be laughing your way to a full belly of food.

Get Scenic

Yes, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes in a scenic location is an utter cliche, but there is a reason people keep doing it. Our top spots to get cozy are along the Barwon River (down the Highton end), at the scenic lookout at Brownhill Heights Lookout or the Pier down at Rippleside Park – it’s often quieter and gives a great alternative view of the city.

Watch the Notebook at King of the Castle

Arguably a VERY couples movie, this event put on by King of the Castle cafe is one for those who are completely a-okay with showing their emotions in front of each other. If you’ve seen the Notebook, you’ll know what we mean. Happening on Valentine’s Day night located at the front of the cafe, the night will give you prime cuddle time, plenty of snacks to choose from and a chance to relive the classic.