How to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Australia for 2024

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How to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Australia for 2024

Credit: Taylor Swift

Avoid missing out on the biggest concert of 2024 with this handy Taylor Swift-ticket-buying guide.

Alright, it’s official, it’s happening, this is real life: Taylor Swift is bringing her Eras Tour to Australia next year. The catch is she’s only doing a couple of tour stops, heading our way on February 16 and 17 for shows at the MCG, before jetting off to Sydney for shows on February 23, 24 and 25.

As we’re all aware, her Eras Tour has been a huge success so far, unsurprisingly selling out shows across the world. Knowing it’s going to be a Scooter-level wrestle to get tickets, our ticketing-ride-or-die Tixel have come through with some Swiftie info that’ll help you prep for the onsales, make you chance of getting tickets and make you feel like you’re on top of the world (or at least, on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge) as we all relish in the tour news!

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Taylor Swift announces 2024 Australian dates for The Eras Tour


So here’s a play-by-play on how to give yourself the best chance to get tix to the concert of the decade and you won’t have to keep on singing, ‘You Belong With Me’ from the outside of the MCG.

Gather The Squad

First things first, you need to gather your squad, because as we know, The Best People in Life Are Free. Success often comes in numbers so get those commitments (baby just say Yes!), make a savings plan, make a game plan (read on), and make sure all your pals (and their devices) are diarised for those onsale dates with their list of instructions. Set up a WhatsApp chat for real-time onsale communication.

Sign Up For Pre-Sales

Swifties who plan ahead will have first pick, so act quickly like a Love Story in fast forward. Here are your squad actions:

  • Register for the pre-sale/s: The American Express VIP package Pre-Sale starts June 26; Regular pre-sale and VIP tickets will be available via Frontier Touring from June 28.
  • General tickets will go on sale Friday, June 30. For Sydney shows, the site goes live at 10am local time and for Melbourne shows, the tickets will be on sale from 2pm

Be Prepared

Don’t be scrambling on account setups, forgotten passwords or adding credit cards during the onsale! Cart countdowns go quickly and tech glitches can see your carted tickets lost in space, so make sure you’ve all signed in, added a payment method and familiarised yourself with the ticketing website well before the onsale day to help everything go smooooothly.

Prioritise What You Want

Do you want to stand/go GA and claim your spot at the front barrier (OMG, those hydration tablets)? If you want seated (good idea if you’re taking height-challenged pre-teens, need your space, or can’t stand for long periods) familiarise yourself with the seating chart so you can make quick decisions on the day. Or, do you want to splurge on **VIP**? (There are two VIP experiences available for Taylor’s shows). Often the big artists offer pricier tickets to the GA areas circumventing the stage — this is where you’re most likely to have your sign read, your outfit noticed, or get some interaction with Tay so if this is what you live for, get saving! It’s best to buy these through the ticketer direct as sometimes packages can be a swindle (see below). Also, be flexible. Being open to different seating options or event dates if the event has multiple shows can increase your chances of securing a ticket.

On Onsale Day

On onsale day, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. This will minimise delays during the onsale process. Consider even using a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi for improved stability.


Allll the devices. Increase your chances of getting tickets by using multiple devices, such as a computer, tablet, and smartphone. This way, if one device encounters an issue, you can continue trying on another device.


Time turns flames to embers. Log in to the ticketing platform a few minutes before the on-sale begins. Being on time is crucial, as high-demand tickets can sell out within minutes (sometimes seconds).


Refresh strategically. If you don’t see available tickets right away, refresh your browser periodically, but not excessively. Over-refreshing may cause the ticketing platform to temporarily block your access.

Tixel Baby

In the unfortunate event that you don’t snag a ticket in the onsale, fear not, my fearless friends! Avoid the scalpers and criminals, because as Tay would say, They’ll Leave You Breathless, Or With a Nasty Scar. Keep an eye out for *LEGIT* ticket resale platforms (it’s giving Tixel) and sign up to waitlists to be notified if resale tickets become available. Can we bring up Harry? Harries were able to get *legit-and-priced-at-face-value* tickets on Tixel to the most sold out of his shows up to, and ON THE DAY of the show for his 2023 tour. No scalping, no fakies.

Join the Tixel Taylor waitlists (Melbourne Feb 16 and Feb 17, and Sydney Feb 23Feb 24 and Feb 25, check back regularly and if you see ‘em, grab ‘em.


Bonus intel / the downlow on “packages…” (arghem! Ticket brokers). Some people make their living by bundling up hot tickets into VIP packages with additional perks or access. We’re not saying you can’t get fantastic tickets this way but they’re marked up for profit so it’s going to cost you, and you HAVE to read the fine print to make sure it’s legit. Be wary, friends.

Travel Plans

If you have to travel, book your accommodation and/or flights early (NOW!). You can often book hotel rooms or Airbnbs that offer free cancellation up until a certain date or the ability to pay closer to the date, so grab it now and work out the details later so you don’t get stung by hiked prices.

Lastly, here’s a couple of numbers…

  • She’s only playing Melbourne and Sydney. So, two shows at the MCG and three at Accor. Maybe that makes ~450k tickets (for reference, Ed filled ~219k @ MCG and ~170k @ Accor) and we know there’s more Aussie fans than that (and that’s if fans only go to one show – unlikely!).

  • Here’s some proof that Tixel delivers: Nearly 5,000 Harries got a ticket to Harry Styles’ most recent Australian tour on Tixel — all were NOT marked up on price, all were legit tickets. 13,000 fans waitlisted themselves on Tixel for resale tickets, making for a pretty great success rate!

Bless you Tixel, for the ultimate guide to scoring tickets to Taylor’s Australian extravaganza.

Please note, getting tickets are not guaranteed, despite how hard you might try. All you can do is follow these tips, and do something nice for someone, because Karma is a relaxing thought.

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