How to get the most out of FedUni open day

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How to get the most out of FedUni open day

Federation University Australia’s Open Day Activities will take place on Sunday August 28 at the Ballarat and Gippsland campuses. To get the most out of your Open Day experience make sure you do these five things:

1. Tour The Campus & Take Home a Map

It can be daunting trying to find your way around any new place, especially when that new place is a huge university crowded with tonnes of new and unfamiliar faces. Luckily, many dedicated students and members of the uni are willing to show you around on Open Day. You might want to grab a campus map and any other helpful pamphlets, as they’ll surely come in handy on your first day when you’re pacing the halls trying to get to your intro class.

2. Check Out Cafes, Restaurants & Societies

A major priority for any hard-working uni student is having that perfect place to pick up your daily dose of caffeine. Be sure to check out the various cafes at Open Day so you know exactly where to be before a Monday morning lecture. It might be a good idea to also look at the food available and the restaurants on campus, to ensure when you’re desperate for brain-food or crave a sweet snack you’ll know exactly where to find them.

3. Go To Information Sessions For Your Major Study Area

Various information sessions will take place on Open Day, and what’s even better, there are sessions specifically designated to your chosen study area. Whether it be business, education, nursing or engineering (plus heaps of others), there will be an information session for you. This is the perfect way to find out any information you were unsure about, and perhaps it will help you make up your mind on which discipline of study you’d like to undertake. You’ll also get to be surrounded by other enthusiastic future students.

4. Attend the Try-A-Trade Alley: Hands On Workshop

Exclusive to the Mt Helen campus is the Try-A-Trade, where you can come along to get your hands dirty and try the many trades available at Fed Uni. This will allow you to try something new and have a bit of fun. Even if you didn’t think it was your thing, having a go won’t hurt. You might discover your true passion and want to master a trade.

5. Talk to people and Ask Questions

The most important thing you should do on Open Day is talk to others. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions despite how scary the thought of transitioning to university can be. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn new information and meet people on Open Day, and by opening up and letting your true self shine, you’ll be inspired by the new and exciting world where you soon might find yourself!

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