Hot Wings with a secret recipe of surf, soul, rockabilly and swinging guitar boogie instrumentals

Hot Wings with a secret recipe of surf, soul, rockabilly and swinging guitar boogie instrumentals

With influences drawing far and wide from Les Paul, to Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Break to The Ventures, stellar guitarist Liz Sedman has carefully hand-picked a band to bring her new surfy, swingy, guitar boogie sounds to life – and does so without a vocalist.

“We’re an instrumental surf rock band,” Liz laughs. “We wanted to do something different, the people in the band have been playing together in various projects for years and years, but for this one we wanted to do something a little bit different. Three of us played in a funk band for a long time so switching to a surf rock band with no vocalist is pretty different, it’s pretty awesome though.”

While it is different, there is no denying that Hot Wings can rock without vocals, bringing the focus straight to the music, instantly down to the knitty gritty, with an impressive line-up of talent.

Not only is Liz herself one of Australia’s most skilled guitarists, the rest of the band is brimming with talent. Backing Liz on the guitar front is Rob McPherson (Garagee, Telltale) who is a master of many instrument, with a highly tuned ear. Joining Rob and Liz comes bass wizard Scott Cherry (The Charlies), and rounding it out is Julia Watt (La Bastard, The Charlies, The Claremont, Street Singers) on the drums and having played for Australia’s great Circus Oz, she never misses a beat.

Instrumental rock’n’roll bands are far and few between in Melbourne. As a result, Hot Wings stand out with their four to the floor rock’n’roll and an added surf tinge. Last year Hot Wings took to the stage at many festivals around Australia including Wildlife, Sydney Road Street Party, Granite Town Festival in Moruya, as well as a remote desert festival in Central Australia, proving this band spans far and wide for all.

After the release of their highly anticipated debut album rounding out the year, Hot Wings was ready to take on the world, beginning new touring adventures not only in Australia, but also in Mexico.

“That Mexican tour was amazing, we only just got back last month,” Liz says. “You never know how your music is going to be received somewhere else. You never know what people in a new town or new country are going to make of it. Are they just going to blankly stare at you, or are they going to enjoy it,” she laughs, “It was amazing, they [Mexico’s punters] were very responsive as an audience and at quite a few gigs we had these little mosh pits happening, I mean who does that to a surf band!? Crazy!

“It’s very different to playing in Melbourne but it was good and it was really fun to do it together. I think that makes a huge difference playing in a band with people you love to hang out with. That makes everything that much more exciting I think,” she says.

And Hot Wings aren’t slowing down yet, with their second album already underway.

“We started recording our second album right before we left for Mexico so we’ve come back and done a couple of extra tunes. I would say probably early next year it will be ready to go. Why not hey?” Why not indeed.

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