Hot & sweaty revelations…

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Hot & sweaty revelations…

Sometimes, revelations come during conversations where something just, clicks. Sometimes it’s after the fact when hindsight kicks in. Sometimes you’ll read something and realise that the quote or life lesson relates to exactly what you’re going through… but that’s not how this one came to me. This little revelation came when I was hot, puffing and sweaty.

Yup. Can you believe it?! During a work out at the gym, something just hit me. Let me take you back there.

I had just finished a round a squats and was now running up and down a set of stairs. We were about 3/4 of the way through the class and I was getting tired. It was about 7am and to be honest, after not getting to bed till after 11pm, I would have preferred to sleep in…

But instead, here I found myself, running laps and doing squats. Fun.

It was during this point of the circuit that I had really started to take my foot off the preverbal accelerator. I was past the burning phase and heading fast into fatigue where my muscles just weren’t working as they should and each stair I leaped up felt like a bloody hard effort. I was ready to stop. Simple as that. But then, something happened.

A song came on.

But not just any song. The type of song that makes me wanna yell out, “GIIRRLL! IT’S MY JAM!!!” The type of song that gets me going, every time it comes on. And man, you’d think my pre-workout had just kicked in or something.

Instantly, I had a surge of energy, a rush of joy, a sense of invigoration down in my bones. I sprung up the stairs with a dance in my step and a smile on my face. Something had dramatically shifted.

But, how?

Well, it was nothing magical. My outside influence had simply changed. This blew my mind. I had gone from almost giving up to smashing it in less than five seconds simply because of outside influence. What a game-changer.

So my thought for you this week Forte crew is to look at areas of your life that are tired, stuck or stagnant, and then have a look at your outside influences to see what you can change to have one positively affects the other.

What food are you putting in your body? Does it poison or fuel you? Who are you hanging out with? Do they inspire or drain you? What are you watching? Does it numb or educate you?

Changing the simplest of things on the outside can have a HUGE impact on how we feel on the inside and in turn, how effectively we can perform.

As always, would LOVE to know your thoughts on this guys! Shoot me a DM over at @kimelisecooper !

Sending my love
Kim xx