Horror My Friend: Stay In, Do Nothing

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Horror My Friend: Stay In, Do Nothing

Following up 2014’s critically acclaimed ‘A Million Hands’ EP, Adelaide three-piece Horror My Friend has just dropped the energetic debut LP ‘Stay In, Do Nothing.’ Merging current indie rock with the ’90s post-punk sound, Horror My Friend deliver an aggressive album that seems as if it was made to play live.

From the opening track ‘Death Hill’ you are introduced to what this album has in store for you, hard-hitting guitars, fast drumming and gritty distorted vocals. Single ‘Stay In’ is set to become a slacker anthem with the catchy sing-a-long chorus of “Do Nothing!” backed up by some fast drum fills that’ll give the moshers something to get excited about.

Stay In, Do Nothing maintains its pace throughout the album but never drops quality. With songs like ‘Car Windsheilds’ packing the heaviness and ‘Echoes’ delivering a more melodic approach to their sound. Epic closing song ‘PB Remains’ highlights the variety and talent that Horror My Friend have. The six-minute finale blends the perfect mix of slow and fast, similar to that of early Smashing Pumpkins and perfectly brings the album to a close. If you like garage punk and fast riffs, then this one’s for you.

Out via Poison City Records
Reviewed by Alex Callan