Holy Serpent

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Holy Serpent

Worshippers of the ‘70s psych rock sound, Holy Serpent are bringing it back in true ‘70s fashion. We had a chat to the legends in the midst of their Shroom Doom tour, where antics were plentiful!
Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Hey! We are good thanks, just chilling in the back of the tour van on our way to Sydney for a couple shows there over the next two nights.
So the album’s been out for a little while, congrats, how are you feeling now that it’s out in the world?
It’s an amazing feeling having an album out, especially on vinyl and having it released by the coolest label.
What’s the feedback been like so far? 
Everything’s been extremely positive, no bad reviews… was kinda expecting someone to pan the record but everyone’s just been stoking out on it! We are bloody thrilled!
It always seems to be the case, once a band release their album they never listen to it again, has that been the same for you guys? 
Hah, we’re not sick of the songs yet. We definitely are focusing on the future though, looking forward and not slowing down.
You’re currently in the midst of your ‘Shroom Doom’ tour, have you experienced your own bit of shroom doom? Any memorable tales? 
Absolutely. Not sure how much we can say but….. we have had our fair share of psychedelic drugs and wild nights… Reality has seemed a bit warped these past few days.
We all know touring can be crazy times, how have the past shows been? Are you all holding up okay? 
This is our first tour so obviously we’ve been partying super hard and yes we are feeling pretty tired and out of mojo, nothing a few beers and a joint can’t fix though!
It seems you’ve been hanging out with quite a few other talented band members, do you like spending time with like-minded individuals?
Everyone’s just so friendly and cool as fuck, so many God-damn talented people. It’s always cool hanging out with cats that are into the same things as you!
How’d you go translating the album into a live setting? 
We pretty much play it exactly as it is on the record. There’s a few changes, some parts go a lil’ longer live. We wrote and recorded it before playing a show so kinda had to learn it for the live show in a way yeah…
Now that one’s done and dusted, have you made plans to start writing for the next one? 
Yep, it’s well on the way. We wanna release album #2 early next year so have been writing as much as we can.
Any final words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers? 
Make sure you pick the right kinda mushrooms and enjoy the festive season!!
When&Where: The Eastern Station Hotel, Ballarat – July 18 & Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne – July 19