Holy Holy: The Pacific EP

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Holy Holy: The Pacific EP

Award winning Singer songwriter Timothy Carroll and Producer cross Guitarist Oscar Dawson came along 3 years ago to create the band Holy Holy, demoing in stairwells and apartments in Stockholm and Berlin the boys released a full length Album on their return. Driving along listening to triple J yesterday I had to pull over and shazam a song that turned out to be Holy Holy’s latest single ‘House of Cards’.
The inspiration in the vocals and overall feel of Boy and Bear is evident in the Brisbane Duos newest release. There are also sparks of bands such as Ball Park Music, Set Sail and Tame Impala throughout The Pacific EP which would make many Australian music fans but mostly indie festival fans very happy and excited. Working with the guys at Wonderlick and Sony Music I feel these guys are best suited on triple J and would be very surprised if the hit mainstream at all with the Pacific EP but I could yet be pleasantly surprised.
‘House of Cards’ is the standout track on the release even though their debut single ‘Impossible Like you’ with a shadow of Tame Impala has had almost 40,000 views on Youtube released just 8 months ago. ‘Slow Melody’ completes the 4 track EP with a bit more of a Temper Trap vibe going on. Throughout The Pacific EP and especially in Cincinnati you sometimes feel as if Carroll and Dawson are unsure of what genre they are trying to achieve but I feel that future releases will be more of an explaination.
Release: out now via Wonderlick Recording
Written by Oliver Friend