Hollow Ground

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Hollow Ground

Hollow Ground are a local Geelong band, making waves all over the world. Former members of the pop-punk outfit ‘The Warning’ Dylan James and Nick Tucker wanted to create a new band with a new sound. After returning to Geelong following two years living in the UK, where Dylan had been writing lots of music, the pair created the Heavy/Alternative, Hollow Ground, gaining Ryan Birse on Bass and Corey Mole on drums.
Later last year the band released their debut EP, which was launched at a very special Halloween show at the Barwon Club in Geelong, where they also filmed the live music video for the upcoming single ‘This One’s For Harri’ which was released this week on January 6. I had a chat with James about the EP’s success to date and their fast-growing popularity.
“We’ve had a incredibly positive response actually, we didn’t realise so many other people would like out music. We’ve been getting really popular reviews, the strangest thing, we’ve been getting heaps of international press as well. We were lucky enough to get played on German radio, we had interviews with a Swedish online blog as well as featured in a online magazine from Ohio.”
James admits that Europe is a major goal for the band, with their genre being so popular in countries such as Germany, where their single has already been played on Radio.Wellenflug, their song “My Trendkill” also made it onto an International Compilation CD, DS Enterprises, with 10,000 copies being distributed in 10 international countries.
“A lot of our favourite bands are from Europe or have managed to make it big in Europe and we’d love to go over there, we’ve played all over Vic and stuff but we’d love to get it together and get over to Europe soon!” he smiles.
Hometown gigs aside the band has recently been asked to play the infamous rock venue ‘Cherry Bar’ the sole venue on AC/DC Lane.
“We are so keen yeah, we played a gig a couple of months ago up a Yah Yah’s and that was a kind of support slot, but we ended up bring out a heap of people and it ended up being a really good gig so they’ve offered us the gig down at Cherry now so hopefully we can do the same thing, except this time we’re headlining.”
As well as the Cherry gig, the boys are busy filming their next video, which is for the single ‘Stranger’ and James tells me it is going to be a big one, “We’ve started pre-production for our second music video, which is going to be a much more big budget video that will take around 4 months to film, hopefully be out about July before we go back into the studio.”
Despite only just having released their debut EP the boys have already booked in studio time at Singing Bird Studios, to record their second release, which they will reuse Andy Simpson to help produce.
“This time its going to be a bit different this time, we’re going to do a two-disc 8 track EP, with 4 tracks on each disk and we’re going to try and do a sort of light and shade, good and bad type feel to it. So you’ll have the lighter shade of songs on one disc, then the energetic, punch-you-in-the-face type songs on the other I guess.”
For anyone interested in getting along to see the boys in action, they have hired a 53 seater bus headed from Geelong to Cherry, get in contact with the band through their Facebook page to grab a seat ($5.00)
Here’s their new video for ‘This One’s For Harri’

When&Where: Cherry Bar, Melbourne – January 11, Musicman Megastore, Bendigo – February 7 and Yah Yah’s, Melbourne – February 8