Hockey Dad: Blend Inn

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Hockey Dad: Blend Inn

With so much new music at the moment, it’s hard to find a record that is simple yet wholesome at the same time. Though we’ve reviewed a tonne of versatile records so far this year, Hockey Dad’s sound in their new record is something you’ll gladly add to your Sunday-drive playlist.
The duo has effectively collaborated to produce Blend Inn, a harmonious combination of rock and indie, an amazing step in the right direction for the NSW boys. Set to drop on February 9, Hockey Dad’s surf-punk vibe is innovatively clever, a clear representation of their talent.
Track #3, ‘I Wanna Be Everybody,’ an exploration of social anxiety and angst, was named Best New Music on triple j in late Jan for good reason.
Blend Inn is the ultimate Summer record, perfect for chill out sessions and casual drinks.
4 Stars
Farmer & The Owl / Inertia Music
Reviewed by Hannah Kenny