Hire A Kombi

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Hire A Kombi

Meet the husband and wife team behind Hire A Kombi, allowing you to experience the joy and magic of a kombi ride for all purposes including camping, weddings, marketing, photo shoots and the list goes on.
How and why did you start Hire A Kombi?
After five years of restoring kombis and watching them go to good homes, we felt a sense of emptiness and that it was time to put in the hard work to create a fleet that we could finally hold on to and share with those who really wanted to experience the joy of a kombi without having to buy one.
What is it about your vans that so many people love?
We’re very grateful that our business grew organically and attracted folk that searched for us to fulfil their kombi dream. We quite often have returns where the first comment is “That was the best holiday ever.” We believe this is achieved instantly when they get behind the wheel of our kombis or beetle as it gives them a feeling of a life slowed down.
What makes a road trip in a Kombi different?
A drive in a kombi is so different to the modern vehicle. The modern vehicle has you placed among the traffic, whereas the kombi has you admired and appreciated by the traffic. You are now in your own little bubble of joy, appreciating your surrounds from a new perspective, chasing waterfalls, beaches or rolling hills, accepting waves from strangers.

What makes Hire A Kombi unique?

If you know anyone who owns a kombi, ask them to let you drive and it’s highly likely they will knock you back. This is why we are one of the very few in Australia – and only ones in Victoria – who do what we do. Our kombis and beetle are used for camping, weddings, roadtrips, photoshoots and corporate campaigns and the list will continue to grow in the near future.
Learn more at hireakombi.com.

Image sourced via Hire A Kombi socials