Klirx Talks Music, The Showcase and Evil Demonic Spirits

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Klirx Talks Music, The Showcase and Evil Demonic Spirits

Eager to rejuvenate the live hip-hop scene, Geelong hip-hop and rap artist Klirx chats to Forte about the upcoming hip-hop showcase, his music and some evil demonic spirits.

Hey Klirx, really excited you’re having a chat with us, what are you up to at the moment?
Sup Forte? Pleasure’s all mine. Just at my spot starting the day, sipping on a hot cup of coffee before I go to work like most people – as much as I would love to live a day to day hip-hop/graffiti lifestyle like I used to, these days are different.

You’re supporting Hyjak (hailed as one of Australia’s best live hip-hop acts) in Geelong later this month for what looks to be a great showcase. How did you get involved with this one and what can we expect?
Me and Mouf caught up and discussed the idea of revamping Geelong’s hip-hop scene and decided to take a leap of faith with one of Australia’s hip hop heavy weights, as well as get some local up and comers involved in what could possibly be a regular thing. This show is going to be off the chain. If you bump rap/hip-hop or just love seeing live music in general, defs get your asses down.

For those not in the scene, what’s the hip hop talent like in Geelong?
Dope! There’s some new lads coming up who are absolutely killing it lyrically and delivery wise. Some of them even put some well known established artists to shame and are totally underrated. Young kid Hybeam (who is a support act of this event) is a lyrical mastermind, as is Jark and Basic (also performing at the event). I’m exited for Geelong’s Oz hip-hop future as the youth of today show a lot of skill and potential.

You put out your Destination: Anarchy in 2012, and have released a few songs since. How do you think your music has progressed in that time?
I was a totally different person at the time. My life has gone through many changes since that album dropped. I was very cryptic with my wordplay and some of the things I said on that record don’t make sense to me anymore. I have a much clearer head now with days to focus on myself and my priorities in life. With the positive changes I have made within myself, I have progressed and defined my style more than I knew was possible. Anarchy was just a taste of what’s to come.

What is your writing process like? For example with your track ‘Accumulated Filth’, how did you come up with the track?
Sometimes I consume myself with a certain topic or theme and jot down ideas, while other times I am venting myself and letting out frustrations. The song Accumulated Filth, I was basically trying to come up with the most horrific battle bars that would annihilate any MC who would dare step in my path. I have not done many battle raps and wanted to bring something heavy to the table.

Your video to ‘Dopesickness’ was shot inside The Old Geelong Goal and features you in various rooms. How was that, did you have any eerie feelings, or did it effect how you felt while filming?
It was absolutely crazy! I went on a ghost tour there once and thought why not – something different. That place has evil demonic spirits everywhere. The vibe I got was next level. It unleashed the beast within me and gave me nightmares for weeks. Every room had another trickster playing with my mind and trying to test me – and I invited it and let them in. Since I left there, I felt like something has followed me home and looked out for me ever since. Like I helped them escape from their own prison of hell and they are now my guardian.

Thanks heaps for your time, and we’re looking forward to seeing you perform this month, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers ?
You’re welcome. It is always an honour to chill and have a chat with Forte mag. No wisdom really. If I gave out wisdom to any young readers they would end up in jail over night. Just want to give a special shout out to all those involved in organising this event. I look forward to seeing you all there.

When & Where: The Barwon Club, Geelong – August 26