Hilltop Hoods: Walking Under Stars

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Hilltop Hoods: Walking Under Stars

Hill…Top…! Hill…Top…! This will be what the entire hip hop community will be chanting for the new Hilltop Hoods album – an album, for all those who listened intently to the lyrical hints in their last album Drinking from the Sun, knew was coming. This album isn’t just new; it’s an extension of Drinking from the Sun, which only makes it even more spectacular. Walking Under Stars is storytelling through hip hop at its absolute finest. You kind of feel like you’re a part of this club and you’ve found this gem of a secret that no one else knows about, and that’s no accident. Hilltop Hoods have delivered an album riddled with perfect contradictions; back to basics nostalgic hip hop, yet precisely complex and creative. It’s mature and innovative, yet comfortably familiar.
You’re forced, in a Hilltop Hoods kind of way, to feel something through not only the lyrics but the mix of sounds coming at you: old school hip hop hand-clapping to twangs from lands and stories so far from Adelaide, then back to the true Aussie hip hop sound of our storytellers, the Hilltop Hoods. It’s not all so serious, though. They still deliver the fun and cheek that we all love, even featuring a song about Bill Cosby’s sweater.
Clearly an album created to tell a story and respect hip hop roots, whilst having the cojones to push the boundaries and bend the rules.
Out now via Universal Music
By Montana Agustin