High Hopes Hop to Beechworth

High Hopes Hop to Beechworth

Words by Natasha Tupackovski

Tickets: Adults $39 - $85 / Under 18 – Saturday $5 / Under 18 - Sunday FREE

A good sign to see it’s all happening again is saying yes we absolutely should say hello to a fresh beer with a promise of good beats. A weekend to test the covid boundaries with Beechworth with High Country Hop!

The line-up features local talent Mighty Duke & the Lords, Karate Boogaloo, Leah Senior, Ausecuma Beats, DRMNGNOW, The Burnt Sausages, Adriana, James Ellis & the Jealous Guys, College of Knowledge DJs, Uptown Brown and Liv Cartledge.
It’s the sign to feedback into the festive flow of meeting like-minded people having a local binge on all Victorias High Country and what a finely curated fresh from the making of music great again guarantee your thirst will be quenched with greatness
beer-lovers and music fans as they celebrate that most delicious of ingredients: hops.
This Saturday 27th and Sunday the 28th you can purchase tickets to the first and fresh community festival you almost forgot it’s been contained during covid. Don’t miss out on having sound music played in your backyard of bliss with too many beer options to try over the weekend. Let Bridge Road Show, Show you a good weekend away. You’ll only regret the opportunity to not be sharing the love of the local love for a brew with a good line up of tunes