Hey Joe, What Do You Know?

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Hey Joe, What Do You Know?

Crafted at Abbey Road Studios, The Age of Entitlement is the new album from The Basics. It is their first in six years. The title will be a familiar phrase to some readers, as bassist Kris Schroeder explains: “Yeah, we pulled the title from Joe Hockey’s infamous speech, but we’re definitely not drawing any sort of line to that. It’s a clever turn-of-phrase, though – it can mean so many different things to so many different people … Tell me, what does it really mean to a 15-year-old in this so-called Age of Entitlement, as opposed to a 75-year-old who’s lived through so many?” For them, it seems more about finding greater peace with where they as a band – and individuals – are at. The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine – October 31.
Image: Cybele Malinowski