Here’s our five top picks for what to do at Melbourne’s creative tech festival

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Here’s our five top picks for what to do at Melbourne’s creative tech festival

Pause Fest is Australia’s premier event empowering young creators to achieve when it comes to technology and business. And when we’ve all got to start somewhere, attending an event such as this is the first step of potentially creating something amazing.

With more than 45 creatives taking to the event, here’s a little look at what Forte would be getting tickets to.

1. Learn ‘How to make ideas happen’ with the content strategist behind LucasFilm – an American film and television company we’d say needs no introduction. Find more info here.

2. Thanks to Tesla and Backwoods Gallery (and of course the artists), some of Melbourne’s top graffiti artists gather together to compete in the world’s first virtual reality Tilt Brush competition.

3. Head to BeerDeluxe for the closing party of all parties, where you’ll get to meet and greet for the Texas based SXSW Festival – amongst many other fun and alcohol fuelled adventures. Find out here.

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4. Find out what music tech is all about these days with some seriously fine music industry reps. Alex Zaccaria (Director, Bolster Digital and Bolster Creative), George Dalziel (Label Director, Caroline Australia), Mick Tarbuk (Country Manager, Believe Digital/Tunecore), Filippo Palermo (Director, Beyond the Valley Music Festival) and Sarah Smith (Radio Broadcaster, Triple R) will all be there. Find out more here.


5. We can all appreciate handmade crafts, but taking those crafts and creating a business structure around it is even more impressive. And that’s exactly what Etsy have done. COO Linda Kozlowski will be running through Etsy and building products globally. Find out more here.

Pause Fest happens from February 8-10. To find out more visit the website. See the full schedule here.