Here’s a few of our favourite cheap eats

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Here’s a few of our favourite cheap eats

Sick of a take-away diet that consists of the old rotation between maccas, kebabs, KFC and dominoes? Wanna eat cheap without sacrificing your tastebuds? It’s hard being a foodie on a budget, but Forte’s got you covered with a little list of eateries that liven up your food-life without eating away at your wallet.

Bay City Noodle & Cafe
Delicious Vietnamese food without the price tag, pop in for a big hot bowl of Pho or yummy vermicelli salad for just $12 (although the one with pork and spring rolls for the extra dollar is totally worth it, yum). Top it off with a Vietnamese coffee, hot or iced, for $3.5 and you’ll never feel more full in your life.

Sporting Globe
Everyone loves some cheap pub grub and I’m an absolute sucker for a good parma (people who say parmi can get lost). So if you’re on the hunt for some delicious dead bird atop a pile of chips, Sports Globe is the way to go with $15 parma and chips all day every Wednesday.

Boss Burger
Whether you’re a fan of all things Americana or your just sick of maccas, Boss Burger’s got your back. Starting at $9.50 for the classic burger up to the most expensive burgers for just $13.50, there’s plenty to love without breaking the bank.

Seven Origins
For a swanky looking café, Seven Origins are quite reasonable with their prices. For the all the 20-somethings out there who weep when they hand over their credit card for a $20-something smashed avo, weep no more. Seven Origins quite possibly has the cheapest avo smash in town at just $13.50 without stinting out on all the goods. Enjoy kiddos.

Tomodachi – Izakaya & bar
Always putting on awesome lunch specials, one of the latest from this snug Japanese joint is the karaage curry don for $11. If you love a solid Japanese curry as much as I do, this one is a must.

Twisted dessert bar
If you’re looking to finish off that cute dinner out or you’re looking for a sinful late-snack, look no further than this little dessert bar tucked in the corner of Moorabool and Little Malop. Grab their iconic pavlova sandwich for $15 with looks that are deadly enough to send you into a sugar coma or maybe something cheaper like their popular chocolate brownies or mars bar cups for $8. That’s date-night sorted!

Written by Jess Sercombe