Here are some places to get good hot chocolates, because it’s damn cold outside

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Here are some places to get good hot chocolates, because it’s damn cold outside

It mightn’t be quite winter yet, but the temperature is already plummeting. And when it gets lower than 15C, we’d say it’s a good time for a hot chocolate. Here are a few places where you can do just that.

Southside Cafe

While the vibe is summery at this Newtown cafe, the hot chocolate is warm, rich and oh so delicious. You’ll be feeling like you’re in the Caribbean (and not this freezing weather) in no time.

Where: 343 Pakington Street, Newtown

Box Office Cafe

For Geelong West locals, Box Office is the place to be. And while it may be a bit chillier with its outdoor nature, there are plenty of heaters, cozy knitted blankets and ganache hot chocolates to get stuck into. Plus, you can always get takeaway.

Where: 77 Preston St, Geelong West


Mule Espresso

The hot chocolates are bigger and more impressive at Mule Espresso. Take a look at the picture and that’s nothing but truth! Featuring a hug mug, a giant marshmellow, some choccy cookies and a chocolate lined waffle cone it’s a hot chocolate dream come true.

Where: 64 Separation St, North Geelong

Cafe Moby

We don’t know what it is about Cafe Moby’s hot chocolate, but boy is it something special. For those who can handle soy milk, it really brings out the flavour of the chocolate. Opt for the mug as chances are this one won’t last long.

Where: 41 The Esplanade, Torquay


The Pickers Union

With plenty of sweet treats to accompany your hot chocolate, there’s no need to look at the menu because the peanut butter hot chocolate is the only thing you need in your life (and bladder). It also comes with its very own Reese’s Peanut Butter piece as a side. Who needs marshmallows?

Where: Mackey St, North Geelong


Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie 

If there’s a place that’s sure to do a good hot chocolate, it’s at a chocolaterie. Located along the Great Ocean Road, the newly opened venue specialises in a wide range of chocolates or chocolate based menu items (you’re in luck with the hot chocolates!). An addition to the Yarra Valley chocolaterie, it’s likely there will be a hot chocolate festival at the Surf Coast venue, so stay tuned.

Where: 1200 Great Ocean Road, Bellbrae

Webster’s Market and Cafe

If there’s something we love at Forte, it’s extras. And at Webster’s Market and Cafe, the hot chocolate has plenty of it. Pictured above, the Jaffa hot chocolate also has a side of orange caramel and a toasted house made orange blossom marshmallow to enjoy. Bliss!

Where: 61 Webster St, Ballarat

The Unicorn­ Ballarat

Ideally situated in the CBD is the relaxed, sort­-of-­hipster cafe, The Unicorn. With a selection of vinyls playing in the background, some cluttered chairs and couches, and the smell of coffee, The Unicorn is a cosy spot to pause. Marshmallows come free with the hot chocolates here, which is always a nice touch. The Unicorn locally source many of their products, including the milk for your hot chocolate or coffee fix.

Where: 131 Sturt St, Ballarat


Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates­ Bendigo

At Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates, as you might guess, chocolate is their game. So if you’re in Bendigo, this shop is well worth a visit. They offer not only classic Belgian hot chocolate, but also white, dark, and chili chocolates. And if that’s not chocolate-y enough for you, you can go for a chocolate shot. And, of course, they have handmade chocolates, as well as a selection of cakes available.

Where: Shop 26, Fountain Court, Bendigo

Java Lounge­ Ballarat

Just across from the movie theatre, Java Lounge is always humming with people. The cafe has a relaxed, warm vibe even on the coldest of Ballarat mornings, and as you near the counter be prepared to have to choose between a range of delectable cakes and desserts­ you know you’ll want at least one. Bring a friend, and between you, the hot chocolate, and the sugar rush, you’ll warm up in no time.

Where: 54 Lydiard St N, North Ballarat

Coffee Basics­ Castlemaine

Also called Das Kaffeehaus, this cafe features an Austrian theme. The Teutonic decor, complete with a looming portrait of Elizabeth of Austria, creates a distinctly European feel. Here you can get your basic hot chocolate, but why leave it there? If you’re feeling adventurous, try Opa’s Amaretto Schokolade­ a hot chocolate with Amaretto, cream, and a maraschino cherry to top it off.

Where: 9 Walker St, Castlemaine

Main image of Southside cafe, sourced via socials.