Hein Cooper confirms new album in 2019

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Hein Cooper confirms new album in 2019

Hein Cooper isn’t getting rusty. While his breakout single of the same title stole hearts and awards around the world including the best single at the SOCAN Awards in 2018, last year the release of three singles ‘Hear My Voice’, ‘Over Again’ and ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ rejuvenated the soul swooning songwriters creativity and live shows. In 2019, he confirms, he will be releasing his follow up album.

“I’m still working on the final details but it will be an album actual album and it will be dropping in 2019,” he says. “It was a really special last year for me because the year before and the year before that I was endlessly playing shows in as many different places as I could and it was kind of off the back of my first album, working on paving an audience out there so I wasn’t able to be that creative. Last year I had the chance to really step back, even though I did release three songs last year, I had a chance to record my second album which is done now- it’s done by not released- and I had the chance to get creative again. And I think that’s been really special because I’ve been playing my first album for so long that I kind of feel like I’m living in the past. Now that I have a concrete album that’s done I’ve been able to get excited about my live show again because I’ve got something new and more current.”

Cooper has been touring tirelessly for the last two years, dividing his year between Australia and Canada, with minor stints across Europe. Based on the Quebec side, Cooper has become part of the musical landscape and paved a strong following. Meeting up with fellow Australian music representative, Kim Churchill, Cooper says there’s something in the water in Canada.

“It’s a really interesting place in the world for music because the culture is so involved in live music. It’s a place I’ve gravitated towards because I want to play as many shows as I can.”

A quality shared with many of the regional cities Cooper will be visiting on his extensive 12 show Australian tour from January 16 to February 2 – his biggest tour to date. The Milton Ulladulla bred artist with be bringing Canadian friends, turned band buddies, Hey Major, along for the ride.

“We met through both being signed to the same label and it just kind of progressed from there. I did a tour with them before in November last year and they were supporting the tour originally but we got along so well that we kind of made plans to play a couple of songs together with them as part of my band and it went so well that we decided to do as many songs together as possible,” Cooper says. “It’s now evolved into them playing support for me [in Australia] and being part of my band.”

“You can’t plan for that,” Cooper continues. “Which is one of the things about music that I kind of love and hate. You can make all of these plans and treat it like a big business but you can’t plan for that kind of magic to happen. It just happens when it decides it’s going to happen.”

From solo show to big band, Cooper is ready to unleash a new band and new music on Australian crowds and we cannot wait!

Don’t suffer from FOMO, get your tickets to see the soul touching heart throb now at the official website heincooper.com

When & Where: Karova Lounge, Ballarat on Saturday 2 February, 8.30pm

Written by Tammy Walters