Heaps Good Friends have returned with a heady slice of 80s-inspired synth-pop

Heaps Good Friends have returned with a heady slice of 80s-inspired synth-pop

Adelaide trio and best pals, Heaps Good Friends, have made a triumphant return with their single ‘Fold Laundry Together’, following the release of their debut EP Hug Me in 2018.

Championed by personable lyrics, vibrant production, whimsical vocals, and funky beats right from the get-go, ‘Fold Laundry Together’ is a heady slice of 80s-inspired synth-pop loaded with the loveable quirk that we didn’t know we needed.

Produced by renowned producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I), the track is lyrically embedded in an accidental romantic laundry folding experience as vocalist Emma Fradd explains: “Trying to help around the house of my brother’s big family lead to a scene of me folding my brother’s laundry with a friend of his (who I had a crush on). It was really nice…”

To celebrate the new track, Heaps Good Friends let us in on what they’ve been up to in iso (aside from folding laundry together).

Nick O’Connor, bass and vocals
1. Fixing things around the house: It started with not one, not two, but three possums getting pulled out of a blocked drain. Those poor bastards crawled down there for some reason and didn’t get to come out alive. It was a mess and led to the fixing of another drainage issue, the painting of a wall, filling up a few cracks, clearing out of the studio and the replacing of a blown PNP Transistor in my beloved KorgPoly800!!

2. Getting back on the Nylon Acoustic: She smooth. I’d brought it inside a few months earlier because I could tell she was lonely outside in the studio. What with winter coming i brought her in but it wasn’t until we all got a few weeks off that i put some hours in and enjoyed her sweet sweet tone once again. It culminated in a quick tune for Emma’s birthday! I can say that now cos her birthday’s passed. If I’d said anything any earlier I’d bloody hear about, let me tell you.

Dan Steinert, drums
1: Although I’ve learnt how to tye dye and made that Tik Tok iced coffee thing – I’ve mainly been just chilling out and re-loving drumming and music again! I’ve been really getting in the zone and moving my room around so I have more space for my drums and actually leaving them set up enough that I can play them WHENEVER I like! Usually I have to move a bunch of dirty clothes and bits and bobs off my drums BUT NOT ANYMORE MUWHAHA. I’ve been really loving just being able to jump in the zone whenever I like. I feel like It’s really connected me back to my drums and what I love to do.

2: It doesn’t sound fun, BUT I’ve spent the time really trying to get on top of my JUNK. I’ve recently had wardrobes hand me downed from my dad and it’s just really kicked me into gear to clean up all of my mess and take control of my life AND TAKE CHARGE! I’M GETTING SWEATY THINKING ABOUT IT. I’m just really excited to take the time and give myself a nice happiness push and a love hug from me to me. It’s just like I can see so much clarity now! Cleaning isn’t so bad I guess.

Emma Fradd, vocals and guitar
1: I’ve spent my time in iso just patiently (impatiently) waiting around for these new HAIM singles! I just love that they can keep me on the edge of my seat. And these singles DO NOT disappoint. I have learnt them all already and am very ready to be asked to be the fourth HAIM sister. I feel like they’ve already tried to contact me but I did get a new phone recently so I reckon maybe thats it. I’ve also recently changed address. So….yeah.

2. I’ve been getting busy with a little iso-event series called ‘Live at your place’. It’s really fun, I’ve been hosting my friends playing a few songs and sometimes I ask a few questions and it’s beautiful. I’ve run three of them and it has been a really warm and lovely celebration of good people. Good times in iso!

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