Healthier, stronger, fitter and happier women

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Healthier, stronger, fitter and happier women

Having recently opened a fitness studio on Bellerine Street, Melanie Turnley is the definition of a goal kicker. Beginning her brand in 2013, Mel’s identity has grown beyond her belief. An incredibly friendly face in the Geelong fitness community, Mel continues to empower women of all ages, shapes and sizes in an all-encompassing, non-judgemental environment.
Originally running her boot camp styled sessions on the waterfront, Mel was eager to relocate and establish a studio where her long-time clients could thrive in a positive fitness realm. “To have my own space that caters to females of all ages and abilities in terms of exercise has always been my dream since I first started working in the industry. I want women to feel like they are a part of a community that is supportive and inclusive, a place where they can become the fittest, strongest and happiest version of themselves,” she explains.
With a determination to demonstrate to women that fitness is more than just looking good, Mel found herself emerged in the field despite the fact that she hasn’t always been interested in physical activity. “I wasn’t naturally drawn to physical activity as a child. I used to dread physical education classes and thought of exercise as a chore. After finishing high school and going through the motions of driving everywhere instead of walking, junk food, late nights drinking and partying, I got sick of constantly feeling sluggish and unmotivated. Once I gradually introduced exercise into my daily routine, it completely changed my life for the better.”
Mel’s personal experience with exercise inspired her to share this knowledge with other women in the hope of changing negative attitudes towards physical activity. “I think a lot of people associate exercise purely with weight-loss or changing the way their body looks so when they join a gym, start a new diet or a new exercise regime, the motivation behind that is predominately to look a certain way. My focus has always been on getting women to realise that it’s so much more than that,” she says. “What someone looks like doesn’t necessarily indicate how healthy or fit they are.”
Though she’s only been in the personal training industry for five years, Mel has created a sound reputation amongst her dynamic girl squad. Julia Bole, one of Mel’s many clients, believes the new Minc Fitness space exhibits a powerful energy. “The studio has a vibrant atmosphere for all kinds of women to feel empowered in. Mel’s positive personality can motivate any woman, leaving you feeling like you can’t wait to get back and do it all again,” she comments.
To ensure variety, Mel mixes up her routines on a daily rotation. “Each day is a different style of training, specifically created for females at any stage in their fitness journey whether that be beginner or experienced,” she says. “All sessions are a full body workout and are always different.”
The lowdown:
Monday: HIIT-FIT (high intensity interval training)
Tuesday: BODY-FIT – Bodyweight training
Wednesday: BOX-FIT – Boxing
Thursday: STRONG-FIT – Strength training
Friday: CARDIO-FIT – Cardio and abdominal training
Saturday: MINC-FIT – a mix of everything throughout the week
Sunday: ZEN-FIT – Yoga

For information on how to sign up, visit Mel’s online accounts
Instagram: @mincfit
Congratulations on your studio Mel! Talia, Helena and myself will endeavour to get off the desk chair, put the donuts down and head into Minc Fitness.
Written by Hannah Kenny