Health & Happiness with Shedding The Blues

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Health & Happiness with Shedding The Blues

Whether we’re neck deep in Uni assignments or simply working hard, we find ourselves fantasizing about kicking back, laying in the sun and doing absolutely nothing. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it? So, what happens when retirement finally dawns? It surely must feel nice the first few days, weeks, months and even years. But humans are run by a sense of purpose. We need something to look forward to every day as we get out of bed. Doing absolutely nothing “sounds” great, but everyone has to battle the sense of purposelessness that slyly gets comfortable on our lap, it’s purr getting louder as time passes.

The topic of mental health ideally includes all ages. The spotlight, however, is frequently shone on the newer generation. Shedding the Blues aimed to shine some light on those who have concluded a majority of their time on the workforce, or are approaching such a time. With the aid of music, it connects several men to unite, discuss as well as create music.

The positive reception of the concept on October 2019 proved that a constructive path can be paved with music as the loving thread. The initiative, which was supported by Queenscliff Neighbourhood House and Bellarine Community Health is scheduled to launch at Queenscliff RSL Hall on Friday 21st February 2020 at 10.00 am. And what’s more? There’s a barbecue! Music and food. What could be better?

Des Gorman, the coordinator of Shedding the Blues, pointed out that music is a great medium to promote “healthy social interactions” and keeps improving our “cognitive capacity” even as we age. During active work life, we are generally in touch with not just the latest trends and news but also with people. As rightly identified by Gorman, social isolation usually accompanies retirement. This initiative provides an avenue for connecting with other music lovers.

The Honourable Libby Coker, the federal member for Corangamite, will launch the initiative, local councillors and community leaders present to show their support. The event will kick off with works of Gary Banks, local singer-songwriter. Having performed in Ireland, he also devotes time to numerous sessions run by Shedding the Blues members. Other local musicians will also grace the event such as Peter Corcoran from the Hips Replacements, Ian Zierk from Southern Light Music as well as John Matlen from Slyde Back, a local blues band.

The tagline for the event, “hitting the right note for men and their music” encourages folks to understand music, its variations and perhaps even take the opportunity to learn an instrument. Men are encouraged to bring along a partner and a mate. The more, the merrier!

Those interested can contact Des Gorman 040756391 or email [email protected]. It’s the perfect balance of mental health and fun!

Written by Aparna Pitale