Head to Bendigo for an adventure that is pure gold.

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Head to Bendigo for an adventure that is pure gold.

Whether you’re in Bendigo for the weekend or just have an hour to spare, a Vintage Talking Tram Tour is the quickest way to get your bearings and see the city’s key landmarks and monuments.
By hopping on and off the tram at each stop to explore the city’s iconic attractions you’ll uncover a golden story that dates back to the 1850s.
Bendigo was one of the richest producers of gold in the world, yielding over 700,000kg between 1851-1954. That would be worth a staggering $37 billion in today’s prices. Bendigo’s grand heritage streetscapes, reminiscent of the great European cities, are a testament to this.
To truly understand Bendigo’s golden origins, a visit to Central Deborah Gold Mine is a must. Guided through the honeycomb of hidden underground tunnels you will be amazed to discover what conditions for a miner were really like during the gold rush era and the lengths that they went to in the hopes of striking it rich.
Kitted up in a hard hat and miner’s light, you are guaranteed to catch gold fever on a Mine Experience Tour, 61 metres underground. Climb ladders and try your hand at working a mine drill on an Underground Adventure Tour, 85 metres underground. For the more daring, Australia’s deepest underground mine tour, Nine Levels of Darkness, will not disappoint. At an astounding 228 metres underground this tour has all of the bells and whistles, including a traditional miner’s lunch served underground.
People from all over the world came to Bendigo in search of gold, but perhaps none is as evident and celebrated as the Chinese. Bendigo is still known today as ‘Dai Gum San’ or ‘Big Gold Mountain’.
Bendigo Joss House Temple Tour
At the heritage-listed Bendigo Joss House Temple, a Chinese place of worship which was opened in 1871, you will discover more about Chinese beliefs and the story of the Chinese who came to Bendigo in search of gold.
Central Deborah Gold Mine and the Bendigo Joss House Temple are both easily accessible by Vintage Talking Tram. Each tram tour includes a stop at Australia’s oldest operating tram depot, which is home to Bendigo’s renowned tram fleet. You’ll see first-hand the craftsmanship and techniques involved in restoring trams to their former glory and, if you’re lucky, you might even bump into Birney the Tramways Cat.
If you love adventure, fascinating culture and trying something new, a visit to Bendigo should be added to your bucket list.
Visit 76 Violet Street, Bendigo, call (03) 5443 8255, visit www.bendigoheritage.com.au or email [email protected] to get your weekend sorted!