Have You Got the Stones?

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Have You Got the Stones?

In ripping news for Geelong, siblings Angus and Julia Stone have tagged on a local date as part of their summer tour. As you’re probably aware the duo is spruiking their third album, a self-titled effort released in August last year. Behind the album was Rick Rubin, the man behind albums including Beastie Boys’ Licensed to Ill, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Blood Sugar Sex Magik and Johnny Cash’s American Recordings among many, many others. Rick opened up to triple j about the recording of the newie: “The record is the sound of a family healing. I was [initially] told that they weren’t working together anymore, and I reached out and said that if either [of them] were in the US, I’d love to meet. I met with Julia first, and then Angus. I think they had grown apart. It’s not unusual for brothers and sisters to not always get along, and I think they were at a point that they weren’t always getting along. The beauty of the record is that now Julia has told me they’re getting along better than ever before. I think you can hear them caring about each other on this album.” Costa Hall, Geelong – February 26.