Harts: Breakthrough EP

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Harts: Breakthrough EP

Harts have just sold out their Ding Dong Melbourne shows, and it’s hardly surprising given the full on track he’s released in ‘Breakthrough’. There’s plenty of guitar riffs that just hit the spot so right, that are interjected at the perfect times with Darren Hart’s raspy, cooly disinterested vocals. What makes it even more of a hit is the unbelievably simple lyrics, lets be honest, we all like something we can sing-a-long to no matter what state we’re in.
The guitar is clearly the hero in Harts’ sound and it’s proven further in second track ‘When A Man’s A Fool’. Each time the guitar takes over is like a slap to the face, overpowering, all encompassing and sexy as all hell – just what you want in the funk rock genre.
If you think the guitar has shown off as much as it can, think again, ‘Streets’ takes it up even further than before. It’s probably the highlight on the EP for me, for no real specific reason other than it being a the kind of number that is the backing to a really cool action scene in a movie. You know the kind where girls kick arse, or something of the sort. On second thought, make that a tie between ‘Streets’ and ‘Seven Eight’.
Harts have clearly worked out their sound which is quite rare for such an early release. It’s even more surprising to think that this is all the result of one man: Darren Harts. He must get all the ladies. Guys, Harts could ceratinly teach you a thing or two.
Out now via Pavement Records/Shock
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring