Harrison Storm continues to evolve in his latest EP ‘Falling Down’

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Harrison Storm continues to evolve in his latest EP ‘Falling Down’

Harrison Storm has had a huge year playing all sorts of shows overseas supporting the likes of Ziggy Alberts, Snow Patrol, Gregory Alan Isakov, and SYML, playing mind-blowing concert in Amsterdam and floating barges in France. The Mornington Peninsula lad is back on home turf now, gearing up to tour the motherland in celebration of his E.P ‘Falling Down’. We had a chat with him to hear all about it.

You’ve had a massive year, playing some pretty cool shows overseas, how has all that been?
It’s been amazing, I think probably the biggest highlight, was supporting Ziggy Alberts over in Europe, we played the big Paridiso room over in Amsterdam, that was kind of, a bit of a pinch-yourself moment. Before the show, we were looking up some of the bands that had played there, iconic artists that have hung in that back room and played on that stage. That was pretty surreal, to be there opening for Ziggy, in that room.

You kicked it off with the release of the single ‘Falling Down’, what was the inspiration for that track and how did it all come about?
So that one was written, I was in a long-distance relationship and this song kind of came in the middle of that when we realised that long distance is really tough. Just dealing with the helplessness and the desperate sort of feelings you have associated with being so far away from someone that you’re in a relationship with.

The rest of the E.P is now out [Falling Down]. How are you feeling about the E.P at the moment?
Yeah really excited, there’s one new song that people haven’t heard off that and there are two alternate versions of Falling Down; like a piano instrumental version and an acoustic version. I’m really proud of it and [the alternate versions are] gonna be a different sort of experience from the original recording of Falling Down. The other new song on the EP is called How To Help, that’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve written so far and hopefully, people really like that one.

What was the recording process like, I heard you recorded them with a few different people and in different places…
Yeah two of the tracks were recorded overseas in the UK and then one of them was recorded near where I grew up with one of my really good friends, and then the other track that’s already been released was recorded with one of my favourite artists Dustin Tebbutt in Sydney. It’s just like a mashup of all these different kinds of, influences and producers to kind of meet on this middle ground of what I was after I guess.
…[It’s] a different sort of process than if you were just sticking with the same producer. At the end of the day you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen when you’re in the studio making the song and I think in working with these different producers I was able to kind of take part in their… what they’re really good at… individually pick those parts out for each producer and make something that was, that is in my mind quite coherent.

To celebrate the E.P launch you’re gearing up with your biggest Australian headline tour yet, do you want to tell us a bit about that and what you’re excited for about it?
Yeah, it’s happening in August and I’ll be heading on the road for two weeks. I’ll be playing my first headline show in Perth, I’m really excited to play over there because my mum’s side of the family is from Western Australia, so it’ll be the first time they’ll ever come to a show of mine which will be really rad. And then yeah, all the other major capital cities, I’m playing them all solo which is a little bit different from the past. I’m bringing along a really good friend of mine, Taylah Carroll, she’s going to be opening for all the shows, and she’s really fantastic.

Listen to the EP here.

He’ll be performing at The Grace Darling in Melbourne on Saturday, August 10.

Written by Liam McNally