Happy Halloween, here’s seven ways to celebrate in Geelong

Happy Halloween, here’s seven ways to celebrate in Geelong

Photo by Marilyn Clark


Whether you love it or loave it, Halloween has arrived.

Once considered an American custom only, Australian’s are now seeing Halloween as an opportunity to have a bit of fun and scare the bejeezus out of themselves and the one’s around them!

Here are some ways to celebrate:

Attend Spookfest Spooktacular
Tuck in for a spooky Saturday night by tuning into Potato Shed TV for the inaugural, COVID-19 safe SpookFest.

Presented by the Potato Shed in partnership with Bellarine AV, SpookFest will provide just the right amount of kooky-spookiness to get you into the Halloween spirit, 2020. Like the predecessor, Family Fun Day, Spookfest is designed to continue the tradition of involving the local community in an event that showcases the arts on the Bellarine and in particular, the Potato Shed.

The entertainment includes spell-binding magic tricks from Richard Vega (Paris Underground), fortune telling by Zoltar and mesmerising dances by Chantelle and Benji from Fresh Creative Entertainment. It’s a celebration of the many talented students and artists who are at the heart of the Potato Shed and its thriving culture of creativity.

Head to the Potato Shed TV at 6pm tonight, October 31, to take part in the free event.

View the Facebook event here.

Go ‘Trick or Treating’ in your neighbourhood
While we won’t be celebrating Halloween in the ways we usually would, there are still some ways you can participate, as outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Under current restrictions traditional trick or treating where you knock on someone’s door is not permitted. However, people can hand out lollies by having candy available outside of their homes. While communal bowls for lollies aren’t permitted, individually wrapped lollies or candy in bags are allowed for non-contact collection. You might find these at fences, front gates and outside houses in your neighbourhood.

If trick or treating isn’t really your thing, you choose to have a Halloween party outside in a public place, like in a park with up to 10 of your mates/family members.

People are also participating in Halloween scavenger hunts by giving children a list of Halloween-themed things to look for as they walk outdoors from house to house admiring Halloween decorations at a distance. Just like eye-spy!

The Deck’s Haunted House
Every year The Deck in Geelong celebrate Halloween with one hell of an evening. Think decorations, spooky drinks, tonnes of food, creepy music (maybe?)… the guys here are all about making the most of the good times. Dress ups are highly encouraged but bookings are essential so give them a ring on 5229-5504 or via Facebook!

Have a Halloween movie night
Whether it’s a jump scare-filled gorefest or a deeply unsettling psychological thriller that just won’t budge from your mind when you go to bed at night, there’s just something that keeps us coming back to horror films, no matter how much they terrify us – especially on Halloween!

For some real Halloween vibes, go comfy, cozy and dark. Draw the blinds, dim the lights and turn on some creepy black candle lanterns. You can expand your living room seating area by spreading out cushions and blankets on the floor, even picking up a few throw pillows for your spooked-out guests to hide behind. Just make sure you’ve picked out some scary flicks and you’ve stocked up on the snacks!

Here are the best horror movies to watch right now if you’re looking for a thrill.

Get some Halloween nails
Spooooky, scary, with a little hint of nice! Whether your plans involve hosting a a spooky bash (within COVID restrictions of course), convincing your housemates to wear matching outfits , or burning a pumpkin spice candle and settling in for night of scary movies and cocktails, there’s one accessory that goes with everything: a statement manicure.

Have a Spooky Pizza
If you are unsure what to have for dinner, look no further than Domino’s, Australia’s largest pizza chain who have released a ‘Halloween Roulette Pizza’ for a fun and daring dinnertime experience! One slice of each roulette pizza ordered is possessed with Ghost Chili hot sauce, but you won’t know which one it is until you taste it! This one is only for the brave.

Order online or visit them on the corner of Gheringhap and Ryrie Street.

Grab a pint of Blackman’s Brewery Halloween beer
This year for Halloween the team at Blackman’s are celebrating with a Halloween Single Keg! It’s a Blood Orange Double IPA but it’s strictly one keg only. They tapped it yesterday in Torquay so you might want to call ahead if you’re really keen to go one of these, otherwise the rest of their beer is pretty good for celebrating too 😉