Hannah Campbell is leading us into the weekend with ‘East Coast Dream’

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Hannah Campbell is leading us into the weekend with ‘East Coast Dream’

A new track for adventurous souls who want to break free and live in the vast wide world has just dropped and we are absolutely loving it.

Spinning on repeat in the Forte office today is ‘East Coast Dream’, Hannah Campbell’s latest single.

The new hit comes after her highly successful Run Like Wolves, a female empowerment tune.

This time, Hannah’s back with a spiritual empowerment banger – one that encourages you to nourish your soul by unshackling it. East Coast Dream’s warm melody and catchy chorus find a special place in your heart, and you’ll find yourself singing the song all day.

The feel-good new track is rich with beautiful lyrics, like a poem that’s been put to music. For Hannah, the meaning of the song is quite personal. It describes the venture from her hometown of Melbourne to the East Coast of Australia. The beat is joyful, sunny, cozy, making it the perfect anthem for camps, getaways and being out in nature – away from all the distractions of the modern world. Her silky, unearthly voice that is remindful of Missy Higgins blends well with the folk genre found in the song, which makes this track pure and easy listening, while evoking a sense of excitement within you.

Hannah Campbell is an untethered soul, and her music reflects this. The dreamy instrumentals carry you to another place within yourself – a place that’s connected to zest and escape.

Can’t wait to blast this tune in my car: windows down, stereo loud, at dusk, driving on an open road. If you love adventure (and who doesn’t?) you’ve found your perfect road-tripping track. Check it out below.

Written by Naseem Radmehr
Image by Melting Wax Photography