Hands Like Houses are back

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Hands Like Houses are back

Canberra rockers Hands Like Houses are back with the release of their fourth studio LP ‘-Anon.’ To celebrate the release they will be hitting up a six date national tour and bringing along Melbourne nu-metalers Ocean Grove for the ride.

Speaking of the tour and the difference between the bands styles, Hands Like Houses lead vocalist Trenton Woodley remarked, “They are great dudes and we have played shows with them in the passed so it just seemed natural to get them on board.

“I feel like stylistically Ocean Grove are a bit of an outlier on any lineup so for us it just made sense, they are doing incredible things on their own accord and that should be showcased,” he continues.

“We really like to have some variation in the tours that we do because it’s always great to see what everyone’s bringing to the table and that’s the really cool thing about Australia. Over here, people are just into good music; it’s not as much about genres or styles. It seems as if people appreciate a good song for what it is.”

And Trenton isn’t wrong, with ‘-Anon’ charting at number 4 on the Aria charts, I think it’s pretty fair to say that Australians can recognise good music when they hear it.

Expanding on the realms and restrictions of genre Trenton stated, “At the end of the day we just classify ourselves as a rock band. The most important thing to us is that we have music that is loud, passionate and that it has a sense of urgency to it because that’s the feeling I get listening to rock music.

“With ‘Anon’ we were very calm and relaxed in the lead up to the recording because we had some time off to think about what we wanted the album to be as a whole. It’s a calm, confident and almost cheeky record because we were in such a good place that we had a lot of fun with it and took a few chances, but at its core it’s a rock record with the best collection of songs we know how to write at this point in time and we have been stoked with how it’s been received.”

Speaking of the albums lyrical themes Trenton discussed the introspective of his songs.

“For me as a songwriter, I put more of an emphasis making our songs a mirror as opposed to a story book. I want people to be able to see an element of themselves and their own perspectives on the world so in a big sense this album is about sharing perspectives rather than sharing stories.”

Hands Like Houses will be hitting up Melbourne’s prestigious venue The Forum this Friday (16th of February). You won’t want to miss this as the lads will be jetting off to South Africa and America straight after the tour so catch them while you can!

Hands Like Houses’ -ANON is out now via UNFD

Written by Alex Callan