Half Moon Run: Sun Leads Me On

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Half Moon Run: Sun Leads Me On

Half Moon Run’s first album Dark Eyes was perfect. Hands down, no doubt about it, perfect. It was one of those releases that you couldn’t possibly imagine a follow up to that would sit on par or above the quality it exuded.
Perhaps the band realised this and there’s markedly a different sound and approach with this sophomore release. The first was a slow-burn indie number with a spacious emotionality that just couldn’t be repeated. This time around there’s more digital blended into their analogue sound and the album jumps around from psych-rock to pop-rock to even a bit of craftwork a la Radiohead. It’s not as smooth transition for each song like it was in the last album, but there’s still gems in this release. ‘I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On’ hold the emotionality and tight lyricality of before, ‘Hands In the Garden’ is also another fine example.
While it mightn’t quite live up to the wonder and awe surrounding the first release, this is still a tight indie-rock release that relies quite a bit on subtleties. Being a fan of the first album I’d still listen to this on repeat, and so should you.
Out Now Via Indica Records/MGM
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring