Hail Cisco Caesar

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Hail Cisco Caesar

Much has been written about open mic nights (including in this humble little mag) and just what can eventuate from them. One such success story is Cisco Caesar. The four-piece is the brainchild of Caesar Slattery and James Cisco, a couple of fellas who met at a Melbourne open mic night hosted by Jed Pickett. James grew up in Normal, Illinois, two hours south of Chicago. A chunk of his musical life was spent along Route 66 before he headed for Australia around a decade ago. Caesar is an Adelaide man and was the frontman for Pornland. A coming together of musical kindred spirits occurred that open mic night. With a mutual love of old soul music and vintage rock ’n’ roll, the two envisioned a soul rock outfit with a whole lotta swagger. Two brains are good, four is better, and so the lads rounded up and branded Jason Torrens and Jacob Cole. Jason is also the stickman for Bugdust, while Jacob has played with Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel. It’s an impressive sounding bio but it’s nothing compared to their sound. Catch them on their album launch tour at Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs on September 14 and The Newmarket, Bendigo on November 15. “Get off your couch and come see these cats strut their own brand of vintage soul-rock and wail like nobody’s business” – Beat Magazine, February 2013.