Gypsy & the Cat: Virtual Islands

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Gypsy & the Cat: Virtual Islands

Melbourne’s Indie/electro-pop duo Gypsy & The Cat are set to release their third album ‘Virtual Islands’ on Friday August 5. The album contains 10 tracks including some that have been pre-released tracks. One of those, ‘Life’, got to #1 on the Hype Machine main chart during the first week of July.

Opening up with a short-in-length track ‘I Took A Wrong Turn’, lingering on one lyric, Gypsy & The Cat create an exceptionally exciting vibe, building up and preparing listeners for what is to follow. The tracks contain mostly electronic and ambient sounds, complimented by melodic vocals, however the album as a whole is quite dynamic. Tracks like ‘Naomi’ cut back some of that ambiance, driven instead by acoustic guitar.

Members Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers recently took to social media to announce to their fans that this album will actually be their last. “We have come to a place with the band where we feel like we have achieved the things it set out to,” they wrote. “We are like brothers and this is in no way a sad or bitter thing.”

Reviewed by Tayla Haigh