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“Are Covered with Ants and Demanding Fan Requests”
Australia & NZ March 2024

Let’s try and be positive here for a minute, shall we? Can you dig what I’m saying brothers and sisters? … GUTTERMOUTH are coming back for 16 shows across Australia & NZ in March 2024 playing the whole COVERED WITH ANTS Album plus DEMANDING fans choose the rest of the setlist for each show. Yeah – think of Mark as Jesus and we are all his disciples. Like a High School Reunion, a dead river, can you Borrow some Ambition to go? For all of you who complained that they never came to Perth & Adelaide last time – Here you go, It’s Chug-A-Lug Night.

Yeah we know, you’ve pissed away a lot of dough on this band already, what a waste of time, but on behalf of ourselves at CHOPDOG, we ask you all to add a little something to our collection plate… Request Songs and Buy Tickets here –