Guide Dogs Australia puppies are back for another Zoom meeting

Guide Dogs Australia puppies are back for another Zoom meeting

Last month, Guide Dogs Australia delivered a refreshing break from the daily and virtual meetings that have become embedded in our new work routines.

With a surge in work-from-home activity and Zoom quickly becoming the video meeting app of choice, Guide Dogs Australia took to the platform and hosted a virtual meeting with its new puppy (aptly named Zoom), brightening our day with a lunch-time on-screen explosion of the goodest boys and girls there are.

Well now the puppies are back for another Zoom meeting this Friday, May 22 at 12pm to celebrate National Volunteer Week.

Zoom the puppy will return for his second public appearance, along with an all-star cast of the Guide Dogs volunteer community, including Guide Dogs Mobility Instructor Ryan Jones and Guide Dog in Training Zena, Guide Dogs Ambassador Alex Hecker and Ambassador Dog Lynney, Leah Willett the carer of Guide Dog Puppy Zoom, and a Volunteer Puppy Raiser family, among others.

You’ll even get a special ‘behind the scenes’ look at a Guide Dogs puppy nursery… and hopefully lots of puppers.

If you’ve ever thought about raising a puppy for Guide Dogs Australia, or you’re just keen for a daily dose of lovable Labradors, then you won’t want to miss this!

Cancel any 12pm meetings, this one is a MUST.

You can access the Zoom meeting by clicking on this link and there’s a Facebook event which you can find here.

Photo via Guide Dogs Australia/Facebook