Grinspoon: Guide to Better Living

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Grinspoon: Guide to Better Living

Guide To Better Living was released in September 1997. I don’t really remember the hype surrounding the album, but in the year’s following Grinspoon have gone on to become one of our greatest exports. Celebrating 20 years since its release, the band are back out on the road and have released a special edition featuring live tracks, B-sides and rarities.

‘Pressure Tested 1984’ sounds as loud and brash as it ever did with Jamieson’s signature vocal stylings shining through the mix. On this deluxe edition of GTBL you are given a great insight into the early classics of the band and over the course of two and a half hours, you can hear both studio and live versions of fan favourites such as ‘Sickfest’, ‘Pedestrian’ and ‘Just Ace’. 20 years on, the band may be a little older, yet the spark and charisma to their performance has been there since day one and can be heard throughout the entirety of this album.

Chuck this on the stereo and turn it up loud, because can you really listen to Grinspoon at a quiet level? No, I didn’t think so.

Universal Music Australia
Reviewed by Tex Miller