Greg Gould shares emotional ode to late athlete Simon Dunn with ‘Save Me A Seat’

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Greg Gould shares emotional ode to late athlete Simon Dunn with ‘Save Me A Seat’

Words by Staff Writer

Singer Greg Gould pays tribute to beloved athlete Simon Dunn.

Australia’s Got Talent sensation Greg Gould has unveiled a moving tribute in the form of his latest single, “Save Me A Seat,” dedicated to the late Australian rugby player and former Olympic bobsledder, Simon Dunn.

The heartfelt song, released with an impactful video featuring appearances by Ian Roberts and Richard Reid, aims to celebrate Dunn’s life and offer a positive remembrance.

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In this uplifting ballad, Gould, known for his extraordinary vocals, navigates the delicate balance between grief and celebration as he remembers Dunn, whom he describes as “one of the nicest guys on the planet.” The Australia’s Got Talent star shared the challenges of creating the song, admitting that it was a difficult process but one he felt compelled to pursue.

Gould, still in shock over Dunn’s passing earlier this year, expressed his deep sadness. “To say I was saddened and heartbroken when Simon passed is an understatement,” he confessed, describing Dunn as a “beautiful light” that left the world too soon. The singer reminisced about his close friendship with Dunn, highlighting the unwavering support and valuable advice he received from the late athlete.

The lyrics of “Save Me A Seat” poignantly capture Dunn’s personality, with Gould singing, “You were always such a joker but you never were the clown,” a direct reference to Dunn’s cheeky and sassy sense of humour. Gould also praised Dunn’s talents, which extended beyond the sports field into advocacy, modelling, and even acting, as seen in Gould’s previous music video featuring house music legend Inaya Day.

The genesis of “Save Me A Seat” lies in Gould’s struggle and the overwhelming numbness he felt after Dunn’s passing. Collaborating with singer-songwriter Bec Caruana and with production by ARIA award winner Andrew De Silva, Gould poured his emotions into the song as a tribute to his late friend. He revealed that the song materialized in less than an hour, describing the process as a cathartic release of emotions.

Despite the emotional challenges, Gould emphasized the healing power of music and the importance of creating an uplifting and inspiring tribute to Dunn. “I think he’d like that it’s upbeat rather than a sad ballad, as that’s who he was, he made everyone around him feel upbeat and happy. I hope I’ve made him proud,” said Gould.

Acknowledging the impact of loss, Gould hopes that the song will resonate with others who are grieving and provide a connection to their loved ones. In a poignant gesture, he dedicated all proceeds from the song downloads to the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, Australia’s longest HIV charity, a cause that Dunn passionately supported as a community ambassador.

The music video features appearances by two of Dunn’s close friends, Richard Reid and Ian Roberts, who lent their time to pay their respects. Reflecting on the emotional journey of creating the song, Gould expressed a profound sense of loss and the cathartic release of emotions, finally catching up to him as he sang the tribute to his dear friend.

As the song serves as a final goodbye for Gould and the community, he hopes that it will perpetuate the spirit of Simon Dunn, keeping his memory alive and inspiring those who listen.

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