Green Music Australia launches a global alliance to make vinyl, CDs and tapes more sustainable

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Green Music Australia launches a global alliance to make vinyl, CDs and tapes more sustainable

Words by Staff Writer

Green Music Australia is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the environmental impact of physical music products in Australia.

The newly launched Music Product Stewardship Alliance is a collaborative effort bringing together key players from the recorded music industry to address sustainability challenges associated with vinyl and CD production and distribution.

Created by Green Music Australia, the peak body for the environment and music, the alliance boasts an impressive lineup of industry leaders, including ABC Music, AIR, Artist First, GizzVerse, Holiday Records and many more. With support from the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the City of Sydney, Green Music Australia will lead research efforts and facilitate discussions to identify collective issues and innovative solutions.

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The inaugural roundtable, held in Sydney in mid-April, saw participation from 33 individuals representing 21 companies. Discussions centred around the environmental impact of physical music products in the Australian market and opportunities for positive change. Green Music Australia provided insights gleaned from alliance members’ data, complemented by the latest research and technological advancements from around the globe.

Berish Bilander, CEO of Green Music Australia, expressed pride in launching the alliance. “We all love visiting our local record store and purchasing a copy of our favourite album. But many of us don’t realise how polluting some of the materials in manufacturing and distributing music products can be.

Environmentally friendly options exist, and there’s a growing appetite from the sector and artists to make the switch. With vinyl sales quadrupling in Australia over the last ten years, it is more important than ever that we collaborate on shared solutions. Crafting a planet-friendly product is often an imperfect journey. This alliance is here to steer a greener pathway towards making eco-albums the industry norm.”

Moving forward, the Music Product Stewardship Alliance will delve into various aspects of vinyl and CD production and distribution, including emissions and waste footprint, packaging challenges, local manufacturing opportunities and emerging solutions. The alliance aims to continue its research and investigation efforts leading up to the second roundtable scheduled for July 2024.

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